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The Old City of Damascus

No description

Sophie Bowers

on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of The Old City of Damascus

The Genocide in Syria
Syria is located in Southwestern Asia, at the end of the Mediterranean Sea.
The Old City of Damascus
The Old City of Damascus was a main tourist site in 2010. After it was attacked, it no longer stands.
Who is targeted?
Yazidis, Iraqi Christians, Shiites, and Turkmen are mainly targeted so that their land can become ISIS' new nation.
How many lives lost?
The amount of deaths, so far, have reached 250,000 people over 4.5 years. Millions of people have fled their homes. People are beheaded, shot, etc.
What law does ISIS go by?
Isis was Militant Jahidist who goes by a strict Sharia Law.
Who are the attackers?
ISIS (minors included) "ISIS is known as the most successful terrorist group that anyone has ever seen" (TestTube News).re
Syrian Genocide
Isis, a terrorist who is part of the Jihadist organization, has come to hold territory in both Syria and Iraq.
When did this genocide take place?
It started in 2011, and it still continues today.
Where did this Genocide take place?
This Genocide takes place in Syria and Iraq .
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