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Growth and development in plant

Made By Riris Rias Restika

Al Ma'arif

on 28 March 2012

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Transcript of Growth and development in plant

Growth and Development in Plant Competency Standards Performing experiments on plant growth and development Planning experiments, the influence of external factors on the growth of plants Basic Competency Growth begins since .. What is Germination? Events of the biological changes that occur in living organisms which are indicated by the increasing in size which is irreversible the Growth is started when fertilization to form the embryo in the seed is occured. After that the seeds will germinate.
Germination is the emergence of plumula and radicle in seeds Seed Germination Process Epigeal Germination The germination process, when cotyledons was lifted to the surface. The Fastest growth is occured in the early growth. Hypogeal Germination The Germination process where the cotyledons is still under the ground. The fastest growth is occured in the early growth Events of the biological changes that occur in living organisms which are indicated by changes in nature and can not be measured. At the plant indicated by the ability to produce gametes of plants, flowers or fruit that is a sign of maturity FACTORS AFFECTING THE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT IN PLANTS 1. Internal Factor, Consist of
The intracellular factor, that is gene
intracellular factors, namely Hormone 2. External factors (environment) Consists of:
Light Nutrition
Medium growing The first Auksin Hormone which is isolated is IAA (Indole acetic Acid ).
Kinds of Plant Hormone Auxin Hormone Video ROLE:
Stimulate cell division
Minimize apical dormancy
Regulate the formation of flowers and fruit
Accelerate the growth of elongated
Delaying Leaves abscission, flowers and fruit Gibberellins
1. Affect the elongation and cell division
2. Inhibit the formation of seeds
3. Stimulate flowering
4. Eliminate seed dormancy in seeds
5. Stimulate amylase enzyme activity and
proteinase that is required in germination process
Absisat Acid
Inhibit cell division and elongation
Sausing Dormancy when environmental conditions was poor
Stimulate the closure of stomata in dry season
Assist leaves abscission in the dry season Traumalin acid
Play a role in the process of wound closure
Act to stimulate the formation of plant organs
Consists of: rizokalin (root), kaulokalin (stem), filokalin (leaf), antokalin / Florigen (interest) Ethylene gas
Helping accelerate the ripening of fruit Based on the large number of mineral elements needed by plant, mineral elements are divided into two general categories:

1.Macro Element, consists of elements
C, O, H, N, Mg, Ca, K, P, and S

2.Mikro Element consists of elements
Fe, Cl, Cu, Zn, Ni, B, Mo, and Pb. Photoperiodism: the response of plants to the period of
illlumination. The response can be germination,
dormancy, and Flowering. Auxin Cytokines DEVELOPEMENT Phytochrome:
That the pigment in plants controls the response of absorption of sunlight. Dormant: a rest condition or a condition of no growth in a seed by
slowing metabolism. Glossary
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