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emma the great depression

No description

Monica Johnston

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of emma the great depression

"The Great depression" "What caused the great depression?" War World ll Resources .History channel.com .Safe google.com *Most people wanted to have money and to have fun! *They wanted to enjoy themselves How did the great depression affected people? * *World War l just ended and people were so relived about that. *After they wasted all there money they had nothing ,and the population of people increased and now because of that people lost there jobs,homes,and money! After the war ended, days later farmers had a "hard time making profits they also needed money." How did the americans affected people in the USA? *Americans produced many factories to build guns to get ready for world war ll .Soon they were making huge profits. *There was a new thing called credit, that people can use even if you don't have any money, the card does for them. *Now people went to the bank every day to get loans of money witch the people that worked at the bank they said to the americans "OK but later pay us back." but they never gave the money back. My conclusion: The great depression was a sad time for people who became homeless,lost all their money, or lost their job.It was a hard time in that time period. *Brain pop.com * www.worldwarll.com Social studys.com-kid search *youtude.com-the great depression Emma Aguirre Images stock market got crazy! Boys and girls asking questions and stepping up for their family. kids with no shoes just their feet Farmers working People checking there money in the bank that they saved 1920-1939 The Great Depression Pictures of how people were feeling or how they live
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