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7.04 (Biology)

By; Tiffany Endy:)

Tiffany Endy

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of 7.04 (Biology)

7.04 Assignment What does this sport involve? Playing soccer Skeletal System:
High impact sports involve a variation of running or sprinting, jumping and pounding with the legs or other parts of the body. An example of a high impact sport is soccer. The repetitive pounding places a stress on the bones, which causes tiny micro damages to the surface of the bone. These tears stimulate new bone growth to calcify over the micro tears, resulting in a higher bone mineral density. It is known that participating in high impact sports while you are young can keep bones stronger as you age.
Muscular System:
Soccer is a demanding sport that requires you to be aerobically fit, posses speed and agility and be able to perform short bursts of intense exercise. But simply playing the sport helps develop your physique too, especially your lower extremity muscles, which you use frequently during soccer matches for kicking, running and cornering.
The integumentary system:
While laying soccer you would not want to overheat. Which would be understandable considering that you would be running in the sun for an hour. Well basically the only thing that the integumentary system would have to do with soccer is the fact that it helps regulate your temperature. Many people sweat while outside. The integumentary system helps with that. As we all know sweating is a way of your body cooling itself down so you don't over heat. I myself play soccer. So I know what it takes to be able to play it well. It takes very good hand eye coordination (well everything but your hands, and eye coordination), be very fast, and to be able to control the ball with your legs. If you were to play goaly you would not have as much responsibilities. You would really only have to know how to catch the ball, and be very good at blocking. But if you were to play a position such as left wing or center you would have a lot
more running, and ball handling to do.
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