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Copy of Chemical Hazards

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Antonio Travassos

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Chemical Hazards

Chemical Hazards
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Ancient Romans burned sulfur and controlled weeds with salt to kill insects. In the late 19th century, US farmers used a variety of minerals to kill insects, but it didn't work very well. During WWII, new chemicals became cheap and common. People began to use these chemicals as pesticides.
Plants and animals that farmers didn't intend to damage, have been harmed by these pesticides. Pesticides also harm the environment. Other chemical hazards are also human health problems. Chemicals cause irritation, sensitization, and carcinogenicity.
Buy only as many chemical products as you really need. Use chemicals before they go bad. Limit your use of cars that put chemicals in the air.
How can you help?
The Problem is that...
Chemicals we use are going in lakes, rivers, and the ocean. The chemicals are killing aquatic environments. The individual chemicals aren't dangerous, but the mix of the chemicals is hazardous to our health. Which is why it's so important to take extra precaution even in everyday settings. Like the video said chemicals are unfortunately in every part of our lives, some countries see chemicals as dangerous, others don't. We must take the initiative.
Danger Chemicals Create
Chemicals alter your hormone signals. This changes how your body works and it leads to health problems. Scientists have found that chemicals can cause a wide range of reproductive, developmental, growth, and behavior problems.
Your Health
History of Pesticides
Food Pesticides are a huge chemical hazard
Portlandia: Chemical Concerns
No, seriously. Chemical hazards are real problems
Chemical Hazards
Causes of Chemical Hazards
Chemical Hazards are caused by farmers putting pesticides in food. Factories put hazardous chemicals into the air in smoke/pollutant form and these chemicals can pollute the water.
A Big Chemical Incident
Two chemical plant explosions polluted the Songhua and Yuexi rivers in China. The chemicals eventually reached the water supply of 20,000 people near the city of Yubin. This factory is a major supplier, and has discharged 150 tons of Mercury into the rivers since the plant was built. Discharges like this directly affect the water supply. In Chongqing, a large industrial city, there has been detected in the water 80 of the 101 banned pollutants
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How can countries help?
Countries set up laws to limit the use of chemicals in industries, hospitals and schools. Government can set up groups to educate people on limiting his/her individual chemical usage.
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