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Horrible Diseases Revision and Cures

Year 10

Daniel Schmidt

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Horrible Diseases Revision and Cures

Horrible Diseases in Britain 1750-1900 Up to 2/3rds sufferers died! Passed through poop into the food and water supply 1. A vaccine was developed for this disease
as the result of chance in Louis Pasteur's lab? 2. This disease, also known as consumption,
affected the lungs in particular. 1/2 of all sufferers died! Transferred by coughing and sneezing! 3. This Disease was dealt a swift
blow by Edward Jenner The innoculators did not appreciate his new
approach. Neither did some religious people 4. Salvarsan 606, The first Magic Bullet was
a cure for this sexually Transmitted disease In addition to affecting the brain,
it also blisters the genitals. Gross. 5. In one sentence How is a Magic Bullet
different than a Vaccine? 6. List two Factors that Helped
Paul Ehrlich's Team discover the
First Magic Bullet Sulphonamide is a chemical compound that was
a key ingredient in Protosil and other magic bullets.
Why was this this such an exciting discovery in medical history?
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