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Mobile Sculptures: Understanding the Relationship Between Ma

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Mary Fountain

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of Mobile Sculptures: Understanding the Relationship Between Ma

Some examples:
Your assignment:
Create a mobile sculpture with four hanging elements.
two 3D printed hanging pieces
two small well-crafted abstract, geometric cardboard sculptures that have similar mass to the 3D printed pieces.
One cardboard and one 3d printed piece on each end of one wire, the second wire will be the same, just hung below the first set.
Making your own Mobile:
We will create our own mobile sculptures where two of the hanging elements are designed using SketchUp and printed with our MakerBot 3D printer.
Alexander Calder
An artist who creates large scale mobile sculptures.

Work is at major museums across the world, has a pieceat the High Museum in Atlanta
Science Connection:
"is the natural force that causes things to fall toward the earth."

"is a measure of the number of atoms in an object combined with the density of those atoms."
Mobile Sculptures: Seeing the Relationship Between Mass and Gravity
So what is a mobile sculpture?
"a type of
sculpture in which an ensemble of balanced parts capable of motion are hung freely in space but which never come into contact with each other."
How do they work?
Calder attaches small sculptural pieces to a wire structure.

Each piece needs to balance out the corresponding pieces.
How does this relate to mobile sculpture?
The hanging objects on mobile sculptures must have similar mass.

Gravity acts upon mass based on the density of the atoms that make up a figure.

A mobile sculpture artist must create their hanging pieces with similar mass so that gravity can naturally balance the pieces.
SketchUp Tutorial
Notice that balance is achieved by the weight
of objects and the placement of hanging wires.
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