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Partly Cloudy Analysis

No description


on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Partly Cloudy Analysis

Partly Cloudy Analysis
Important scenes
Relation to other Literature
Background Info
Intended Audience
What Happened?
Multiple interpretations of the theme
Based on Gus; everyone likes to be appreciated
Shown by how sad Gus gets when Peck leaves him and how happy he is when Peck returns
Based on Peck; friends and family are more important than personal desires
Shown by Peck realizing that he needs to go back to Gus even if he might be happier on another cloud
By Marcus, Isaac, Ryan, and Maxwell
More than one genre
Genres are animation, short film, comedy, family, and fantasy
What is it?
Precedes Up, so aimed towards people who would watch Up
Mostly for families with children
But could be for anybody who wants to have a good way to spend 5 minutes
Who's watching?
Music by Michael Giacchino
Emotions of Gus depict music.
When Gus is happy the music is happy, when Gus is mad the music sounds angry, and when Gus is sad the music is sad
What does all that noise mean?
In the film, there is no obvious dialogue, but the characters' mouths move
The characters' emotions are obvious through expressions
All that can be heard are grunts, but the music makes up for it
Why was there no Dialogue?
Film goes through a normal day(midday, night, and early morning)
Light background(midday)-Gus is happy
Dark background(night)-Peck leaves to go to a lighter cloud
Sun rising(early morning)-Light because Peck comes back to Gus
What are the characters feeling?
The majority of the film was located in the sky
The beginning shot portrays storks delivering newborn babies to parents
Where is it taking place?
What helped us find the theme?
What's the message?
Storks drop off babies (animals and humans)- Good feeling
Gus is shown below all the other clouds and all alone- feel bad for Gus
Peck flies onto Gus ragged and beat up after delivering a dangerous animal- feel bad for peck
Peck leaves Gus to go to a light cloud- mad
Gus cries/rains about Peck leaving- sad
Peck comes back to Gus- happy
Gus is grey and underneath all the other clouds and this marks him as different
Peck is ragged and dirty, all the other storks are clean
The two are loners in the cloud community
Little children, in many cultures, are told that they were brought by storks
The white bags the storks carry symbolize pregnancy
The white female cloud is wearing a hat that midwives wear
What do all those pictures really mean?
Released in 29 May 2009
Country of origin: USA
Director and writer: Peter Sohn
Gus: Grey Cloud
Peck: Gus's Stork
Gus/Peck/Other males(Voice): Tony Fucile
Female Cloud/Human Mom/Other females(Voice): Lori Richardson
No awards won
Want to know more?
Gus must create the very dangerous babies such as crocodiles and porcupines whom hurt Peck, the stork who delivers for Gus
When Gus creates a baby shark, Peck is seemingly driven over the edge and flies away in fright
Gus feels rejected and angry so he releases a thunderstorm and cries (rain)
Peck returns with football equipment to keep him safer
Gus immediately cheers up and hugs Peck, and everything goes well
A book with a similar theme is Charlotte's Web
This book is similar to Partly Cloudy because its theme is friendship between Charlotte and Wilbur which is synonymous to Peck and Gus
How is it related to other stuff?
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