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Solving Multi-Step Equations

Brittany B., Meagan W., and Nisha O.(:

Justin Kelsey

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Solving Multi-Step Equations

Linear Equations Solving Multi-Step Equations Rules for Solving Equations Rule #1: Isolate the Variable Rule #2: Undo Operations with there opposite operation. Rule #3: Always do the same thing to both side of the equations! Rule #4: Easiest to do Add/Subtract before Multiply/Divide. Hard Way
(Undo Div./Mult. First) Example: 2x+3=11 2x+3=11 2 x+3/2=11/2 -3/2 -3/2 x=8/2 x=4 Easy Way
(Add/Subtract first) Example: 2x+3=11 -3 -3 2x=8 2 x=4 2 Qu-Qu Question Of The Day What all do you know about Solving Multi-Step Equations? Now use the things you just listed to try and solve this problem. 3x+4=15 1. 3x+3=12 1. x=3 2. 2x+4=8 2. x=2 3. 3x+7=34 3. x=9 4. 5x-9=31 4. x=8 5. -9+1=-80 5. x=79/9 6. 9n+9=9 6. n=0 Equations With Variable on both sides. The rules are basicaly the same only rule one changes. You have to isolate the variable to one side of the equation. Example: 6x+3=8x-21 6x+3=8x-21 -8x -8x -2x+3=-21 -3 -3 -2x=-24 -2 -2 x=12 heys whats up man. Im bored whats up How can you use solving equations in real life? you can use equations in real life with Contruction, Teaching, and being a student.
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