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The Amazing Race

Has all the Countries of the whole race, the pics of the stops and challenges, and the their County's data profile.

Kendle Kossie

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of The Amazing Race

Start South America North America Europe Asia Africa Australia The Amazing Race Chita, Russia Tokyo, Japan Sydney, Australia Wellington, New Zealand Rio, Brazil That's all Folks
See You Next Time On
The Amazing Race Capital: Canberra
Government Type:Republic
Current Leader:Dilma Rousseff
Population: 201,009,622
Currency: Brazilian Real
Exchange Rate: 1USD=2.047 BRL
Major Lang.:Portuguese
Other Lang.:Spanish, English London,England Dublin, Ireland Madrid & Barcelona, Spain Capital: Dublin
Government Type: Republic
Current Leader(s): Pres.Micheal D. Higgins & Prime Min. Enda Kenny
Population: 4,775,982
Currency: Euro
Exchange Rate: BRL=.3804 EUR
Major Lang.:Irish (official)
Other Lang.: English Capital: London
Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy
Current Leader(s): Queen Elizabeth II & Prime Min. Nicholas W.P. Clegg
Population: 63,448,120
Currency: British Pound
Exchange Rate:EUR=.8541GRP
Major Lang.:English
Other Lang.:Welsh, Scots Gaelic Capital: Madrid
Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy
Current Leaders: Pres.Mariano R. Brey
Population: 43,370,542
Currency: Euro
Exchange Rate: GBP=1.170 EUR
Major Lang.:Spanish Thank You To:
ABC Clio World Geo.
www.maps.google.com Capital: Rome
Government Type: Republic
Current Leader(s): Pres. Giorgio Napolitano & Prime Min. Enrico Letta
Population: 61,482,297
Currency: Euro
Exchange Rate: EUR=1.00 EUR
Major Lang.:Italian (official)
Other Lang.: German, French Capital: Moscow
Government Type: Federation O f Republics
Current Leader(s): Pres. Vladimir V. Putin
Population: 42,500,482
Currency: Russian Ruble
Exchange Rate: EUR=40.320 RUB
Major Lang.:Russian Beijing,China Capital: Beijing
Government Type: Communist
Current Leader(s): Pres.Xi Jing
Population: 1,349,585,838
Currency: Yuan
Exchange Rate: RUB=.1954 CNY
Major Lang.: Chinese Capital: Tokyo
Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy
Current Leader(s): Emperor Akhito & Prime Min. Shinzo Abe
Population: 127,253,075
Currency: Yen
Exchange Rate: CNY=16.81 JPY
Major Lang.:Japanese Bangkok, Thailand Capital: Bangkok
Government Type:Constitutional Monarchy
Current Leader(s): King Phumiphon Adunyadet & Prime Min. Yinglak Chinnawat
Currency: Baht
Exchange Rate: JPY=.2899 THB
Major Lang.: Thai (official), English Capital: Canberra
Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy
Current Leader(s): Quentin A.U. Bryce & Prime Min. Julia E.Gillard
Population: 63,395,579
Currency: Australian Dollar
Exchange Rate: THB=.03472
Major Lang.: English
Other: Other Native Languages Capital: Wellington
Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy
Current Leader(s): Gov.Gerneral Jerimiah Materparae & Prime Min. John P. Key
Population: 4,365,113
Currency:New Zealand Dollar
Exchange Rate: 1 AUD= 1.99 NZD
Major Lang.: English (official), Maori Venice,Italy Stop in Moscow Finish
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