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Mapping Theologians of culture

No description

Kenneth Nehrbass

on 5 June 2018

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Transcript of Mapping Theologians of culture

Mapping the Theology of culture

Role of Theology on culture
Public theology
culture change
family life
Enduring problem
Role of church in culture
Christ and culture
Education: faith and learning
Church and Christendom
Systematic and biblical theology
Cultural Mandate
Philosophy / metaphysics
Theology AND Culture
How do CULTURES find religious meaning?
postmodernism, relativism
God's plan for culture
Nature vs. nurture
human universals, man as a person, not just organism
biblical cultural pluralism
Bible and "high" culture"- using culture to express biblical truths
culture is part of the Kingdom
Race and Cultural data/theory
Race (as a biological theory)
cross-cultural studies
ethnographic data
Diffusion of Innovations
Everett Rogers
City of God
Transforming worldviews
Lingenfelter, transforming culture, leading cross-culturally
Hiebert (2008). Transforming worldviews
(2009). The Gospel in human contexts. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker.
What it means to be in God's image
Nature of God
Nature of Humankind pre and after the fall
Speaking about theology, and the thing about which theology speaks.
Theology is bound by culture, but reflects the truths
Theology is culture-bound
Ford's taxonomy
theology repeats ancient creeds
correlating culture to Christian theology
Privileging theology over culture
Integrating theology into a cultural conceptual framework
accommodating theology without remainder to a cultural conceptual framework
Nieburh (1951)
study of Tertullian, Tolstoy, Monks, pietistis
Being culturative
Van Rheenen
Cross-cultural studies
Lingenfelter, Mayers
Hofstede, G. (1980). Culture's Consequences: Comparing Values, Behaviors, Institutions and Organizations Across Nations. Beverly Hills, Ca: Sage.
Gannon, M., & Rajnandini, P. (2010). Understanding Global Cultures: metaphorical Journeys through 29 Nations, clusters of nations, continents, and diversity (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
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Storti, C. (2001). The art of crossing cultures. Boston, MA: Intercultural Press.
Theory of Culture
(Anthropology theorists)
Henry Morgan Lewis
White, L. (1975). The concept of cultural systems: A key to understanding tribes and nations. New York: Columbia University Press.
Rynkiewich, M. (2011). Soul, self and society: A postmodern anthropology for mission in a postcolonial world. Eugene, Or: Cascade.
Ken Nehrbass
Theology IN Cultures
minority theologies
black, liberation, feminist
anthropology of Christianity
revitalization movements
Hirsch, E. (1988). Cultural Literacy: What every American needs to know. Vancouver, WA: Vintage.
age-specific theology
gender specific
socio-economic specific
Barna_Group. (2001). How America's Faith has changed since 9-11. Retrieved April 29, 2013, from http://www.barna.org/barna-update/article/5-barna-update/63-how-americas-faith-has-changed-since-9-11
Integration of faith and learning
faith against learning
faith and learning
faith supports learning
Arts, philosophy and culture
Mark Cosgrove
Andy Crouch
creative culture cultivators
"creating culture is central to the whole scriptural narrative"
done in partnership with God
Kohls- American culture
Theology of diversity, tolerance
Bennett, M. (1986). Towards ethnorelativism: A developmental model of intercultural sensitivity. In M. Paige (Ed.), Cross-cultural orientation: New conceptualizations and applications (pp. 27-70). New York: University Press of America.
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Crosscultural communication
Elmer, M. (1988). The Intercultural Competency Scale: A description of the factors and the total Score. Form E.
Theology and cultural values
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Smay, D., & Armelagos, G. (2000). Galileo wept: A critical assessment of the use of race in forensic anthropology. Transforming Anthropology, 9(2), 19-30.
Culture must inform thelogy
The problem of common grace
Hermeneutics are culture -bound
Tillich (1964) The culture-bound nature of theology denies the possibility of speaking about God
Tanner: The only unity within Christianity is the agreement to keep arguing about the nature of Christian discipleship.
This avoids the idolatry of taking some human formulation as "final," allowing God to be completely free to do anything new
Church and State
Budziszewski, J. (2006). Evangleicals in the Public Square: Four formative voices on political thought and action. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker

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Culture and the Kingdom
Kuyper (1898)
van Til (1959)
Brunner, 1948
Christianity and Civilization
James Risner (2013)
Theology in popular culture
Sorett, Josef. “Believe Me, This Pimp Game is Very Religious: Toward a Religious History of Hip Hop.” Culture and Religion 10 (2009): 11-22.

For Calvin and Kuyper, The problem of common grace
For Carson: the non-negotiables of "Christ" in Christ and culture; particularism/foundationalism contra postmodernism
John Howard Yoder
Trinitarian view: Jesus at the nexus of creation (nature/culture) and redemption (spiritual)
Role of culture on theology
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