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Excessive Military spending to defend the empire

school work

Colin Lola

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Excessive Military spending to defend the empire

Excessive Military Spendingto defend the Empire The Roman empire had great armies, but many problems occurred so the Roman Army was weak. The Roman Army As the Empire weakened soldiers became less loyal to Rome. Then they fought each other not the invaders. Military Complications As the legions fought each other the government still had to pay them so that they would have protection to. Roman legions against each other Later on some Romans began to be disobediant, and not loyal. They didn't pledge their allegiance to Rome, but instead to their individual leaders. This caused them to find new people to join their army which meant the new soldiers were unreliable. The Roman Army Falls Apart The Roman Empire, was also weakened by trying to maintain their army. They spent a lot of time trying to defend themselves from barbarian attacks. It also took a lot of money, which made a huge problem for the Romans, because they had to pay more taxes, which the government set. Maintaining an Army When the legions fell apart they had to have a army so they hired the barbarians to fight thier own kind. Although they were skilled at fighting they were very expensive. Romans or barbarians? Politicians became interested in financial gain than in public service. Because of that citizens lost their pride in Rome and the government. The army and the citizens no longer wanted to sacrifice for the good of Rome. Citizens Lose Their Pride in Rome Thank you for watching we hope you learned a lot about the Roman empire, their army, and their spending.
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