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Tim Tam to India

No description

Manjot Sabharwal

on 26 February 2011

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Transcript of Tim Tam to India

Background TIM TAM

- Australian national icon

- 144 years old legacy INDIAN MARKET

- largest population 18% of worlds population

- fastest growing for FMCG

- Biscuit forcasted sales of Rs 108 billion in 2010
Country Analysis



T POLITICAL ECONOMIC SOCIAL TECHNOLOGY - Democratic country with stable political environment

- Politics is business oriented

- Open to Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign Institutional Investment

- Rise of middle class

- growing GDP

- Food inflation

- culture plays an intergral part for business

- Land of festivities

- Tea drinking country with increasing coffee culture Competitors Analysis Domestic competition International competition - Joint share of over 70%

- Comprative Advantage
Domestic producers
Cheap labour
Domestic supple
Product Market Analysis - Total biscuit sector has been growing at 15% by volume and is expected to grow by 20% in 2011

- As per IBMA total market sales were Rs 100 billion in 2010 and expected to grow Rs300 billion in 2015.

- Per capita biscuit consumption is 2.1 kg

- Festive seasons like Diwali, Holi and Eid boosts sales figure

- Relatively new entrant

- market share of 8-9 %

- Creame filled biscuits - Future threat

- Can develop and
penetrate chocolate biscuit market - Recently introduced Oreo look alike
called 'Treat O ' Recommendations + Registered in India in 1991

Kraft taken over cadbury Ltd

Serious threat to Arnott's Tim Tam Export base in India


Joint families Selling Point

Niche Target Target Market Tim Tam
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