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Traffic Congestion

No description

Byron Daly

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Traffic Congestion

Traffic Congestion
I interviewed a woman who worked at 7-11. She said the traffic is the main cause of people becoming ill, and she usually gets sick by the chemicals in the air. As she works next to Hennessy Road everyday she says she can hear the cars and busses driving past and creating a lot of noise.
Secondary Research
According to Hong Kong University, Hong Kong only had 59 clear days in 2011, 69 clear days in 2012 an 50 clear days in 2013. This show that we had more clear days after 2011 and more polluted days in 2013.
Primary Research
Main Issue in Wan Chai:
The main problem in this area was traffic. Because of this there is a lot of pollution mixing into the air and causing people to feel ill.

Environmental CD
Environmental Problems in Wan Chai
This problem creates congested roads, which makes Wan Chai a very busy and dense place.
The problem arising from this includes air pollution and noise pollution.This causes air pollution as all the cars and busses have to wait in the traffic for a long time before they can drive. During this time the carbon monoxide coming out of the vehicles rising into the air and can't escape from the tall buildings. As a result of traffic, people can get annoyed of waiting for a long time and horn*.
Map of Wan Chai I used to get around
Traffic in Hennessy Street
In this task our class were put into groups of 4, to explore Wan Chai. Our groups were put together into 2 groups, 1 going to Johnston Road and one going to Hennessy Road, then switch. Before the rotation we were asked to interview people about what they worst environment issue in Wan Chai, make 1 Evironmental CD and take pictures of the issues. After we switched we did the same thing. When we got back to school we chose the worst issue in Wan Chai and wrote about the primary and secondary research.
Hennessy Road
Hong Kong is very dense and crowded...
...and Wan Chai is one of the most crowded place in Hong Kong!
I interviewed another woman, shopkeeper of Victory Hardware, which was next to Hennessy Road. She also said that traffic is one of the worst issues facing Wan Chai. The pollution is mainly caused by the busses.
Local politicians in Wan Chai want more pedestrian flyovers, traffic-free streets and further greening of the area
." -South China Morning Post.
The cramped streets in Wan Chai causes it often that there is traffic.

Traffic makes the road constantly packed with cars. People affected by traffic are the people who live in Wan Chai. They are affected by the Carbon Monoxide. Traffic also makes it a high chance there are accidents on the roads, which makes it dangerous for drivers and pedestrians.
Accidents caused by traffic on Wan Chai
A truck's left back wheel crushed the front of a taxi.

A car crashed into a tram.

These days Hong Kong has pollution is mainly caused by chemicals from cars and buses in Causeway Bay, Central and Wan Chai.

Tall buildings such as these trap the pollution from escaping. Cars and buses in traffic produce more chemical which circulate into the air.
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