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Time Management For College Students

No description

Derrick Doige

on 11 September 2018

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Transcript of Time Management For College Students

Time Management For College Students
Derrick Doige, M.Ed, CCC
Okanagan College, BC
How Much Time do you Have?
24 hours in a day
168 hours in a week
8736 hours in a year
87,360 hours in a decade
698,880 in an average life time (80 years)
Experts say that it takes 10,000 hours to master something
I don't have enough time!
How much time should I study?
Laws of Time
Multitasking - Good or Bad?
Procrastinate Now - Don't Wait for Later
Where does your time go?
First Things First!
Time Management Tools
In the classroom
Not only did the students who were multitasking score lower on the quiz but those sitting around them also scored lower
"The students in the first experiment who were asked to multitask averaged 11 per cent lower on their quiz. The students in the second experiment who were surrounded by laptops scored 17 per cent lower".
for every hour in class 1 - 2 hours out of class 15 hrs of class time p/wk = 15 to 30 hrs study time - total 30 - 45 hrs a week
Parkinson's Law
Derrick's Law otherwise known as
Murphy's Second Law
Everything takes longer than you expect.
Eat nutritiously
Practice Time Management Strategies
Monitor Your Time
What are your time bandits?
What are your Big Rocks?
Schedule them in first!
School is a full time job!
1 to 2 hours study time for every hour in class.
Create a schedule!
Semester Schedule
Weekly Schedule
To Do Lists
Laws of Time
give yourself a little more time than expected, but not too much
Do your hardest work when you are most alert
Have a Great Semester!
break it down - eat the elephant
try it for five minutes
ask for help
Say no!
Mind Wandering
Killingsworth (2010) found that people's minds wander between 30 to 50% of the time. In other words, while they are doing one thing, they are thinking about another thing and usually it is negative.
Download these tools at http://people.okanagan.bc.ca/ddoige/time_management.htm
Time flies, it's up to you to
be the navigator -
Robert Orden
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