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Designing Lessons Around the Common Core

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Dyane Smokorowski

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Designing Lessons Around the Common Core

How to Design Lessons and Projects around CCSS for Real World Connections
Determine What Assistance You Need
Follow A Few Guidelines
for the Common Core
List 2 Units or Topics
Your Students Will Cover Soon
Ask Yourself.....
What is the lifelong lesson
I want the students to take away from
this experience?

What do I want the students to create in
order to prove deeper understanding
of the content?
Ask Yourself...

What experts or opportunities of dialogue
do my students need?

What technology - if any - will the students
need to complete the task efficiently and effectively
Curiosity is the Key in Research
Relevance vs Recipes
Yes, Packets are Painful
Presentations for Authentic Audiences
Students need time to Reflect
And Student-Learning = Choices, Choices, Choices
University Faculty
National Parks
Nature Centers
Other Classrooms
Same Age - different perspective?
Cross Cultural Exchanges
Your kiddos being the experts
Data Collection locally and globally
Community Leaders
Elected Officials
School Boards
Local Historians
What Do You Mean Choices?
Offer Skeleton Scaffolds
Give the Students Option of
Tools to Complete the Task
What Other Choices??
For Example - Presentation Product?
Powerpoint or Keynote
Slide Rocket
Comic (Pixton, Comic Life App, Makebeliefscomix
Photo Slideshow
Remember the Final Key Thoughts
Products and Projects are Different
Magic Happens in Collaboration
Relevance Helps Students Find Personal Connections to the Curriculum
Curiosity Should Drive Research
Allow Students To Help Set Criteria
Present their ideas to Authentic Audiences

Give them a list of tools
And Let Them Negotiate Which Tool Works Best for Them ....And Kick it Up a Notch to limit one tool per group
What About Primary?
Dyane Smokorowski
2013 Kansas Teacher of the Year
Instructional Technology Coach
Andover Public Schools
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