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Portfolio Development = Professional Development, Old Post Office

No description

Tyann Cherry

on 1 November 2011

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Transcript of Portfolio Development = Professional Development, Old Post Office

Portfolio Development = Professional Development Learning to demonstrate your leadership, skill and ability
Tyann Cherry Dr. Michelle Loyet Why? Assessment
Self-analysis & critical reflection
Forces closer analysis of practices and philosophies, creates research questions
Empowers author to express themselves to colleagues and supervisors
Consciously creates a professional identity – hopefully one that will foster continued growth
When portfolios go stale A collection of documents
A file to place handouts from professional events
A warehouse of credentials When portfolios promote excellence Clear and demonstrative documentation of:
Institutional efforts and contributions
Meaningful achievements and growth
Illustrates skills, talents and abilities
Positive representation of your best professional self

Choosing a Model Showcase Developmental Roadmap Timeline highlights examples of best work Puzzle Interlocking set of skills that create a complete picture
Useful in employment search Illustration of your “journey” – how specific experiences led to the development of a new skill or progression of achievement

Can aid supervisor in determining performance management goals Chronological approach to show experiences and development of new skill sets over time

Can aid supervisor in determining career progression ladder Now I have a format...... What do I include? Work back from mission statement
Assessment what role does your department play?
Aids in strategic plan
Individual - how do I contribute to our collective success
This can also be a jumping off point for a personal portfolio http://www.webster.edu/about/mission.shtml http://www.webster.edu/selfstudy/ What have you learned? Academic credentials
Professional workshops/seminars
Professional organization memberships
Boards, commissions, committees
We often learn as a result of relationships Examples http://cherrypresentation.blogspot.com/ http://www.linkedin.com/in/tyanncherry Outcomes Inspiration!
Learn and refine best practices
Reminds us of what we have accomplished and how we are moving forward
Tools for positive change Additional Benefits Reference point for performance appraisal
Identifies areas of challenge
Development of performance management goals
Used as an assessment tool Department-wide
Employees easily nominated for professional awards Questions? discussion regarding standardization using connections begin revision of online advising memo and develoment of electronic degree plans solicit materials from departments for additional aids "soft launch" to STL locations make revisions to group structure and materials based on feedback system wide launch at director's fair determintation that a password protected website would ultimately be more user friendly and promote engagement migration of materials to password protected website and layout determined addition of advisor training webinars addition of pre-filled forms for easier usage addition of advisor helpsheets for the foundations of a training binder
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