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Copy of Management Innovations of IT Project Manangers

No description

Manan Mehta

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Management Innovations of IT Project Manangers

Management Innovations are required to fulfill needs of the stakeholders.
Project Managers play a vital role.
Consider communication as the key for success.
Managers should consider the project as a system.
Management Innovation
The invention and implementation of management practice that is intended to further organizational goals.
Major Problems in IT Project Management
Communication with Client.
Communication with Management.
Only Paying attention to team's performance.
Managing with Innovations.
How IT Project Managers should manage and innovate ?
Paying regular visit to Client
Communicating flexibly with management
Paying attention to all aspects of Team.
Management Innovation of IT Project Managers
Shuangqin Liu Cheng Liu

Presented By
Mehta Manan K.
Standish International Group Survey.
16% Completed.
31% Canceled.
88% over time and over cost.
189% Cost over run.
222% Time over run.

Reason for project failure
Lack proper selection process.
Management Skills.
3rd International Conference, 2010
Aspects of the Team Members.
Atmosphere Creation.
Distributing work.
Cross-culture Management.

Thank You
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