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Spring 14 Online English 125 Sec#51138

Cathy Gillis

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of

This is your entry page for all of your online classes (you may only have one)
This is what the folder looks like inside.
Click on "current week" and complete all tasks to save your place in the class.
New to online education at Napa Valley College?
Follow these steps. Be sure you have your student ID (the last four numbers) in order to log in for the first time. First, go to the NVC home page and click on "online education."
Click on the title of our class and begin to look around.
Online English 125 Sec#739
Fall 2014

Examples of tasks for week 1 and to save your place in the class.
More examples
What you must complete by August 24th 2014 LATEST or you will be counted as "absent on the first day" and waiting list students will be added
Log in and access week 1
Read the syllabus and take the syllabus quiz
Buy the required books immediately
Read my post in the discussion board and create your own introduction. Also attach something (see suggestions).
Upload the last page of our syllabus in the assignment provided.
Join our Facebook group page (private)
Exlore every link and area of the class to become accustomed to it.
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