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Artwork of the Middle Ages

Social Studies, B8

Pri Sapra

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Artwork of the Middle Ages

Artwork of the Middle Ages 500 - 1500 A.D. How Art Changed Goal of Artist: Evoke Emotion
Understandable Story 13th Century Figure Drawing
Stained Glass
Realism Proportion is Improved 14th Century 11th-13th Century 15th Century Gothic Period Romanesque Period - Then -> Now - Early Medieval Era Artists Bencivieni di Pepo Giotto di Bondone Gherardo Starnina Tula Claricia Diemund/Deimudis Ende Guda/Guta Hildegard von Bingen Herrad of Landsberg Bourgot Artists Female Widow 12th Century Silver Cross 12th Century Nun Manuscript Illuminator 1125-1195 A.D. Abess Hortus Delciarium Illustrations and Poems A.K.A. Cimabue By Priya Sapra c. 1360-1413 A.D. Italian, But Worked In Spain Frequently Late Gothic Style Frescoes Pigments Material Crushed Binding Agent Medium Material Types of Artwork Sculpture Paintings Frescoes Embroidery 1240 - Difficult time; few artists Gallery Nori Me Tangere Crucifix The Coronation of the Virgin Madonna and Child with Musical Angels Maestà Cimabue v. Giotto Madonna with Child Madonna Enthroned Dimension Mary Physiognomy Child Themes Religion Adorned churches (pleases God) Christianity Biblical stories/events Animals, Bestiary, and Mythical Creatures People Daily lives/Hardships Colors and Symbols Death Plague Royalty or purity Idea symbols Animals -> Tales -> Inspiration four-winged beast Bestiary -> Moral/Religious lessons Falconry and hunting Perspective
Artists Sign Work
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