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IPhone 4s instruction By Cam Bortle

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Steven Fraser

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of IPhone 4s instruction By Cam Bortle

How to use and IPhone 4s
By: Cam Bortle
IPhone 4s, Charger, Headphones, Case
The first thing to do with this device is to take it out of its box. You do this by removing the cover and unwrapping the phone. Make sure that the phone is gently removed from the box because if not, you'll most likely drop the phone and break it.
Step 1
Next charge the phone. Perform this action by plugging in the
top part of the cord
to the bottom of the phone and also plugging in the plug into an outlet. (Or a PC)
Step 2
Step 3
Once the phone is on, set the location settings and time settings. Those settings will pop up immediately after your phone turns on. After that go download some apps from the app store and have some fun with them.
Step 4
Before you go anywhere with your new phone, you will need to protect it. So purchase a life proof case, which will protect the phone from
Step 5
Finally, you’ll probably want to listen to some music, so plug in your headphones in the top headphone jack.
Step 6
Extra help
If any extra help or more in-depth detail is needed, check out this video. www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3wJxHW3lRQ
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