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Treasure Island

No description

Angela Gomez

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Treasure Island

Treasure Island

The Voyage (Rising Action)
Another significant rising action in Treasure Island is the voyage the crew took to get to Treasure Island. It led to the climax, which happened on Treasure Island.
Falling Action
The falling action in Treasure Island was when Jim and the others were told by Ben Gunn that he knew were the treasure was.
Treasure Island takes place in the eighteenth century. In the beginning of the story, the setting took place in England. The majority of the book took place in an island, which is known as Treasure Island. Treasure Island is off the coast of "Spanish America."
Treasure Island was set up when the captain, Bill Bones, was living with Jim and his mom at the inn because in his room was the chest which contained the map to Treasure Island.
Jim finds out about John's intentions (Rising Action)
When Jim and John Silver first met, Silver was kind towards Jim and since then Jim suspected John to be a kind man. One day on the voyage, Jim eavesdrops on Silver's conversation with other experienced people and finds out about Silver's real intentions.
The climax in Treasure Island was when the buccaneers, Silver, and Jim found out that the treasure they were searching for the entire time was already dug up.
Discovery of the Map (Rising Action)
One rising action in Treasure Island is when the map of the treasure is found in the inn. Without this, the voyage to Treasure Island wouldn't have been made.
By: Robert Louis Stevenson
Recommended by: Angela Gomez

Set Up
This is another quote that describes Treasure Island when they were arriving. "Gray-colored woods covered a large part of the surface. This even tint was indeed broken up by streaks of yellow sandbreak in the lower lands and by many tall trees of the pine family, out-topping the others- some singly, some in clumps; but the general color was uniform and sad." (pg. 109)
Treasure Island was described to be full of grass, and trees from when Jim landed the boat. "...but the boat I was in shot far ahead of her consort, and the bow had struck among the shore-side trees, and I had caught a branch and swung myself out, and I plunged into the nearest thicket." (pg. 115)
"Away to the southwest of us we saw two low hills."
This was when the map was discovered by Jim and his mom. "My mother pulled it up with impatience, and there lay before us, the last things in the chest, a bundle tied up in oil-cloth, and looking like papers..." (pg. 37)
After finding the map, Jim and his mother took it to the doctor. "The doctor opened the seals with great care, and there fell out the map of an island, with latitude and longitude, soundings, names of hills and bays and inlets..." (pg 57)
Map of Treasure Island
The squire was planning with the doctor when and how they're going to get to Treasure Island. "In three weeks' time-three weeks!-two weeks-ten days-we'll have the best ship, sir, and the choicest crew in England. Hawkins shall come as cabin-boy. You 'll make a famous cabin boy, Hawkins. You are ship's doctor; I am admiral." (pg. 58)
on the way to Treasure Island
This was the first time Jim Hawkins and John Silver met. Silver was very kind towards Jim. "Mr. Silver, sir?" I asked, holding out the note. "Yes my lad," said he; "and who may you be?" And when he saw the squire's letter he seemed to give me something almost like a start. "Oh!" said he, quite aloud, and offering his hand, "I see. You are our new cabin boy; pleased I am to see you." And he took my hand in his large firm grasp." (pg. 68)
Later, Jim discovers that Silver plans to kill almost everyone on the ship and he's confused because of how kind he thought Silver was. "When I'm in Parlyment, and riding in my coach, I don't want none of these sea-lawyers in the cabin a-coming home." (pg. 98)
This was when the buccaneers, Silver, and Jim found out that the treasure had already been dug up."The buccaneers, with oaths and cries, began to leap, one after another, into the pit, and to dig with their fingers, throwing boards aside as they did so. Morgan found a piece of gold. It was a two-guinea piece. "Two guineas!" roared Merry, shaking it at Silver. "That's your seven hundred thousand pounds?!" (pg. 285-286)
After the buccaneers found out the treasure was gone, they turned on Silver and Jim, where they were outnumbered by three. Then, help arrived from the doctor and some others. "At the same moment the doctor, Gray, and Ben Gunn joined us, with smoking muskets, from among the nutmeg trees." (pg. 287)
This piece of gold represents all that was found when the buccaneers, Silver, and Jim were looking for the treasure.
This quote describes the captain when he was coming in the inn with the chest that has the map. "I remember him as it were yesterday, as he came plodding to the inn door, his sea-chest following behind him in a hand-barrow; a tall, strong, heavy, nut-brown man..." (pg. 3)
When the captain and his old shipmate, Black Dog, were talking, Black Dog killed him. "And then all of a sudden there was a tremendous explosion of oaths and other noises; the chair and table went over in a lump, a clash of steel followed, and then a cry of pain..." (pg.18) The captain's death caused Jim and his mom to look inside of the chest that belonged to the captain. That's where they found the map.
This picture represents the captain's chest in his room at the inn
The resolution in Treasure Island was when Jim and some others find Flint's treasure. Flint was the person that found the treasure on Treasure Island before Silver. They all felt very accomplished when they found the treasure.
This was when Jim first saw Flint's treasure. "Before a big fire lay Captain Smollet; and in a far corner, only flickered over by the blaze, I beheld great heaps of coin and quadrilaterals built of bars of gold. That was Flint's treasure that we had come so far to seek, and that had cost already the lives of seventeen men from the Hispaniola." (pg. 292)
The treasure
This quote explains how Ben found the treasure. "Ben, in his long, lonely wanderings about the island, had found the skeleton. It was he that had rifled it; he had found the treasure; he had carried it on his back, from the foot of the tall pine to a cave he had on the two-pointed hill at the north-east angle of the island..." (pg. 289)
Ben Gunn put the treasure in a cave
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