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Night without End

a book that i have to read

Sara Romero

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of Night without End

Night without End Characters Reverend Smallwood
Theodore Mahler
Senator Brewster
Mrs. Dansby-Gregg
Marie LeGarde
Summary Night without End is a mistery story about a British Airplane that crashed in Greenland near the scientists' cabin. Also that books is like the diary of Peter, who wrote what happened everyday. The scientists found the plane with the 2 pilots and the third officer dead, and 9 passengers alive, during the plot they realized that the crash was not caused by an accident and between the passengers were 2 murderers. Finally, the murderers revealed themselves (Corazzini and Solly Levin), left the others and ran away with the tractor, but the others went after the murderers. Eventually the murderers were catched up and one of them (Solly Levin) fell between two big pieces of ice, then one of the passengers Zagero the boxer started fighting with Corazzini and killed him. The murderers:
Solly Levin The Scientists:
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