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No description

Joel Ramos

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Minecraft

(a.k.a Joel Ramos)
Mobs are creatures. there are 4 different types
of Mobs.
Passive: Doesn't hurt you
Hostile: Comes to attack you when in sight
Neutral: If you attack them they attack you
(Endermen attack you if you look at them in the eyes)
Utility: Mobs that players can make
Boss: Hard to kill
Minecraft was made by Mojang, but this is Minecraft's
first update. There was a lot of coding and textures that had to be done to make minecraft today.
People make videos an upload them on to youtube they do: lets plays, animation, and others. Here ar some examples:
When I first got Minecraft I was surviving like a pro. Now I need to go on my dad's laptop to play. It is really laggy just because of the laptop. I use command blocks a lot and now I
"Steal Heads" by using the command
/give @p 397 1 {SkullOwner:<name>}. I experienced past updates like beta and alpha so I know the past. (Herobrine Survival)
There are many blocks in
minecraft approximately 2,267
blocks in minecraft and items.
The are materials, combat, tools,
blocks, decoration blocks, food,
redstone, transportation, misc.,
and brewing.
My favorite blocks are; bedrock, command blocks, and
anvils. Anvils bring out my favorite feature: Example: a
fish renamed "Crazy Fish" with Efficency and Silk Touch. I like time traveling in minecraft to experience different updates.
People like to record what
they do on minecraft like:
minigames, maps, survival,
and hunger games.
First Minecraft Update
Blocks and Items
GUI is like a menu. Here are the list of blocks that
have GUI: Crafting Table, Furnace, Chest(s), Brewing Stands, and Inventory.
Multiplayer is a way to play minecraft
wih your friends. of course you will need
internet. My favorite types are creative and mini games and survival.
There are thing that you can add on your Minecraft. You could have Texture Packs and Mods. Sometimes they make MODPACKS, modpacks are a bunch of mods that actavate the same way.
Today, Toy Companies made
Merchandise and others for
Minecraft Fans
My Experience
Much time passed before this update 1.7. This is the history of minecraft. Recently the Mojang logo has changed. Also Minecraft has a TIME MACHINE feature.
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