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multi-site field trials

No description

Ave Merrier

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of multi-site field trials

seed preparation
land preparation
experimental design
plot size
plant spacing
pest control
other inputs
measure more?
detailed measurements?
chlorophyll content, soil water potential, light interception
soil analysis for physical and chemical composition
root measurements?
cumbersome to take but potentially very interesting
number, longest length and fresh & dry weight
nutritional qualities
points to think about
have baseline conditions or explore max effect of environment?
irrigate or keep rain fed?
treat seed for optimum germination but once planted only
earth up?
comparison legumes?
groundnut, cowpea, soybean, other beans (e.g. winged, hyacinth, common)
other comparison crops?
multi-site field trials
collaborative and common protocol
collect scientifically sound and powerful data
characterisation of bambara groundnut
evaluate performance, suitability and stability of different bambara groundnut lines
testing genotype x environment interaction
weather stations
soil temperature, light (intensity and day length), humidity, rainfall
sampling and frequency of measurements
5-10 plants per rep
at least fortnightly from 21 DAS until 101 DAS
(20, 45, 60, 105 and 120 DAS)
final yield: central 10 plants
days to emergence (first plant & 50% of plants)
days to flowering (first plant & 50% of plants)
days to pod & seed formation (first plant & 50% of plants)
morphological & physiological
leaf: number, length, width, area, dry weight
plant height, petiole length
growth habit: canopy diameter
pods: number, filling rate, length&width, seed length&width, fresh&dry weight, 100-seed weight @10-12% (four replicates)
final yield @10-12%
proposed parameters
seeds surface sterilised (e.g. ethanol or bleach)
ploughed, harrowed and raked
randomised complete block design with three replicates
6 x 6 m plots
50 x 20 cm spacing
two seeds per hill at 5 cm depth; thinned at 21 days after sowing
irrigated weekly to field capacity until 50% flowering
no chemical inputs
hand weeding when necessary
comparison crops: groundnut, cowpea, winged bean and maize
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