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expository vs persuasive

No description

Jessie Tomblin

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of expository vs persuasive

What is
Expository Writing ? Expository -INFORM- Writing Ideas developed with explanations Needs specific details
and examples Fully develops the topic Organizational strategy Reader's interest
through strong voice Multi-paragraph writing What is expository writing ? writing to explain factual writing true writing-non-fiction tELLIng or informing the reader an overall picture of the topic does not try to persuade the reader expository writing ....
is multi-paragraph fully develops idea with specific
details and examples Blends personal experience and
knowledge to inform the reader
about the topic expository writing...
is not single paragraph repetitive, formulaic writing encyclopedic coverage of facts or
an abundance of facts unrelated
to the topic expository writing...
is lively-catches the
readers attention engaging language
varied sentences structured-
introduction, development
and closure correct sentences,
and spelling expository writing...
is not flat and uninteresting-
not repetitive Imprecise language with
no variety not structured-
no or weak introduction and/or
conclusion, weak development
of topic Incorrect sentences, grammar,
and spelling
( distracts reader ) informational
writng to inform or explain YOur goal:
to give clear information
gets somebody excited
about your subject !! What is Persuasive
Writing? Persuasive-Persuade-Writing P osition E motional and/or
logical appeal R eader engagement S pecific facts or
personal experience U se precise
language A nticipate audience
concerns D efend your
position E ffective arguement Persuasive Writing IS Clear positon on
the issue Fully developed
argument with details
and examples Defending the position
with relevent information Anticipating the
audience's position Specific facts, experiences,
and statistics Appealing to logic
and/or emotion Persuasive Writing IS NOT Copying the prompt
onto the paper Repitive; Simple 5
Paragraph Essay Irrelevant Ideas
that are innapropriate Being unaware of the
audience's position Facts, stories, anecdotes
that are unrelated JUST venting about
the topic Persuasive Writing
Verbal Boxing YOUR GOAL:
To get somebody to
do what you want
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