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How is social media affecting our individuality?

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Kaitlin Crews

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of How is social media affecting our individuality?

"We all take turns being the victims and perpetrators of shameless self-promotion of all things mundane in our lives via the Internet"
- influenced by what we like or favorite
- feeling the need to prove we have the same as our friends
- "best mom"
Filter bubbles
- media searches and suggestions are filtered from our previous searches
- we aren't exposed to things that broaden our viewpoint
Games and other apps
- Flappy Bird, Instagram, Twitter
- everyone else has it so we feel the need to have it too
There are three reasons why we conform to social norms
1) connecting with others
2) a sense of accomplishment from having influential and large numbers of connections
3) a feeling of uniqueness because of the diverseness of people with whom we are are connected
Fear of rejection
- we like to feel the comfort of the majority
- more likely to agree with the popular opinion
How is social media affecting our individuality?
Pressures to conform to social media norms
- through social media, we see what's considered popular and what's not
- online trends that become real life trends
- molding our lives to fit social norms displayed in media
Asch Experiment
What made you get your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram account?
Media creates social norms and standards
-perceptions of beauty, gender, and stereotypes
Dr. Tracy
"Social media gives us the ability to participate in trends, to respond to what we see. It gives people more ownership of what we "like" or "favorite" even though they were just acknowledging it."
Ms. Chan
"I think people have a tendency to conform, regardless of social media, but apps like Twitter and Facebook make it easier. Hashtags and trends make it easy and fast for people to see what other people are talking about."
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