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The Fifth of March

No description

Rachel Callaghan

on 29 March 2015

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Transcript of The Fifth of March

The Fifth of March By: Ann Rinnaldi
the year was 1768 - 1770 in Boston Massachusetts
Rachel Marsh is an indentured servant for John Adams and his family and has to choose between her Uncle Eb who is a loyalist and the Adams family who are patriots
Keep The Friend Or Loose The Friend
Rachel has to decide if she wants to be a loyalist with her uncle or be a patriot and her uncles tells the Adams' family that she is friends with a loyalist.
Betraying a family member
A Patriot or A Loyalist
Am I A Loyalist Or A Patriot
Will Rachel Marsh be a patriot or a loyalist?Will the war finally be over? can she still be friends with a loyalist? Find out in
The Fifth of March bBy: Ann Rinaldi
Betraying a British Private
Rachel must watch when her "friend" Matthew Kilroy is put on trial for deaths
Befriending and Getting Arrested
Rachel befriends British Private Matthew Kilroy and he gets arrested
March 5, 1770
A mob in anger heads towards the lobster backs and the Boston Massacre begins
The Death Of Baby Susanna
Baby Susanna died had died a week before Rachel had to get Mr. Adams from the
office and it was Thursday February 8th
Rachel told her uncle that she defends no one then her uncle would tell the Adams family that Rachel was friends with a loyalist
Why this book is Historical Fiction
This was historical fiction because:
It took place in the Revolutionary War
John Adams and Abigail Adams were in the book
The book tells you what it was like back then
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