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Presented By: HeatherDuBois, Nico Nissink, Kevin Crean, Davi

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Heather DuBois

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Presented By: HeatherDuBois, Nico Nissink, Kevin Crean, Davi

SWOT Analysis
Marketing Mix
Supply Chain Strategies
Target Markets
What is the Smart Fridge?

unique and innovative
new technology
easy to understand and learn
very little competition in the current market
large target market with a wide range of demographics

Wide range of consumers from families to single adults
Higher income areas
Demand for fridges increases potential

Large Retailers: Sears, Lowe's, Best Buy
Online Retailers: Amazon
Getting the product to consumers and gaining exposure
Specific retailers
Strategies for standing out among other products
State of the art technology
A refrigerator with a built-in bar code scanning system
Wi-fi connectivity
Database for recipe storage
Ability to sync with mobile devices such as iPhone and Android
On the go grocery list
Short Term
Within the next year, we plan to finish development and finalize the product itself
Long Term
By next year, we plan to have all of our marketing campaigns completed and implemented
We project that the product will be introduced to the public within the next 18 months
Presented By:
Heather DuBois
Nico Nissink
Kevin Crean
David Yee

Internal Environment
Brand new company with revolutionary new technology
Customer service focus
External Environment
Large market- most households have refrigerators
new and simplified technology- appealing to all demographics
Who is the competition?
Middle to high-end product
lack of brand recognition
different and unfamiliar
hesitant to upgrade
product is a starting point for our brand
expand to future technology and different lines of product
can lead to a new way of refrigeration
developed company may try to take idea and re-develop for themselves; necessary to obtain a patent
market may not see a need for this type of advanced product

Product will be available at major applicance department stores
We're targeting the consumer market and reaching all demographics
Easily marketable to all psychographs and demographics
Positioning is important so that consumers become familiar with our brand against competitors'
Actual product:
The SmartFridge itself with advanced scanning barcode technology and wifi capability with smartphone connectivity
Core Product:
basic refrigerator capabilities in conjunction with smart technology
Ranges depending on size of unit
High-end technology increases price
Price includes installation and lifetime warranty
Augmented product:
The lifetime warranty, free delivery and installation as well as free repair services that come with the product
First product offered by our company
Room for growth into other appliances with this technology
Can expand the line to include different sizes and varieties of the SmartFridge
In-store displays and demonstrations
Wide-spread marketing campaigns across multiple mediums
Social media marketing
Direct marketing mailings and demonstrations
Brighten Up YOUR Kitchen
In Conclusion
Revolutionary technology that will change the appliance industry
Room to grow and expand the product line
Easy to market to a wide array of demographics and target markets
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