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A2 AQA ICT Topic 1 Future Developments

my interpretation of how the text book relates to the case study and what could be asked in the exam

Sam Whitmore

on 29 November 2010

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Transcript of A2 AQA ICT Topic 1 Future Developments

A2 AQA ICT Jan 2011 Future developments what is in the chapter? How a business might look to expand in the future
What will change in the next 10 years?
Emerging technology
Impacts on society
Issues Mobile working New wireless and mobile technology means it is now possible to work from anywhere in the world, may it be at home or half way round the world.
Because of this;
It is now alot easier to conduct business internationally
Employees can be more flexible
Customers expect a 24/7 service
Communication methods are greatly improved
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Telecomuncation work, smart phones, the list goes on. Nano Technology
Tech is getting tiny - IBM are making a super computer the size of a sugar cube Potential Future uses of ICT Wireless energy?
Flexible Screens?
Wearable computer screens?
Smart cars?
Facial recognition on a grand scale?
Limitless. Impacts on society These new technologies could change the way we live;
Higher standard of living
flexible work
improvement in health
more intelegent systems Impacts on an organisation Must become flexible
customers expectations rise
Faster response times
Remote working
Flatter organisation structure
More data collection performed automaticaly
More training
More room for computer misuse
Greater preasure on security Issues Social
Change in how Leisure time is spent
Rise in obesity?
Changes in employment patterns
Stress caused by change?
How we listen and purchace music has changed
How we watch TV has changed
TV viewing figures are getting smaller
The use of ICT encourages globalisation
Social networking is becoming the new way to socialise, will we forget how soon?
Carbon footprint
Less equiptment being wasted
Computers are making processes more efficent, such as heating a buiding
Telecommuting is redusing emmisions Ethical
Increased official monotoring
Lack of privacy
Is Big Brother just round the corner?
All organisations must obide by laws and legislation
Data protection Act, Computer Miuse Act etc.
All making it harder and harder to work.
Changes of legislation can dramaticly change the operation of an organisation
Will the cost increase?
Will there be a dividing line in those that can and those that cannot afford the change? Okay, so after all that, I'm sorry to say, I dont feel this will come up much in the case study side of the exam.
I might be wrong,
but there is noting to say it wont come up in the other half of the exam
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