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Play for Peace Model 2013

No description

Sarah Gough

on 11 March 2016

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Transcript of Play for Peace Model 2013

Ignite learning initiatives in
regions around globe,
networking as one unified
community that contributes
to a more peaceful world

Play for Peace Certified Trainers
Play for Peace Mentors
Play for Peace Youth Facilitators
The result...
Play for Peace Trainers
re experienced facilitators who share the Play for Peace vision and mission.

Trainers are qualified to train a new group of youth and mentors to become an active Play for Peace Club and lead Play for Peace activities.

When Play for Peace is happening around the world it through one of these two activities...
Children, youth and adults brought together from communities in conflict, using cooperative play to create laughter, compassion and peace
Partners for Peace
Global Learning Community
Mentors are at least 21 years of age and support Play for Peace activities in their community.

A mentor may support a group of youth facilitators in forming and running a local Play for Peace Club, more than one Play for Peace Club as well as lead Practice Peace Sessions themselves.
Youth Facilitators (15-25 years old) form locally run Play for Peace Clubs. Youth Facilitators are role models for children.

Youth Facilitators lead Practice Peace Sessions and are leaders of positive volunteer actions in their neighborhood, school, community or organization.

Partners for Peace are volunteers and donors who support the growth and sustainability of the Play for Peace Global Learning Community.

Partners for Peace contribute to the success of the Play for Peace vision through donating needed resources; their time, expertise or funds.

The Play for Peace Experience
The outcome

Laughter + Compassion = Peace

Cooperative Play
Learning by Doing
Service Learning

Core Values

Copyright © 2013 Play for Peace. All rights reserved.
Peace-building movement
Practice Peace Sessions

Play for Peace Training
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