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Bible Study Gen: 22-25

No description

Brandon Iké

on 31 January 2016

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Transcript of Bible Study Gen: 22-25

The Test of Obedience
Gen 22: "Some time later..."
Chapter 24
A Wife for Issac!
Chapter 25
The Death of Abraham
Chapter 23
The Death Of A Loved One
Bible Study Gen: 22-25
Think about Abraham's pilgrimage of
faith up until this point...
During these years, Abraham encountered several tests; some he passed and others he failed.
Let's get our brains working!
What were some challenges that Abraham went through in previous chapters? Which did he pass? Which did he fail?
He's just like you and me!
Despite Abraham's screw ups, God stuck with him.
He was going to mature the man spiritually and use his life for a
God won't discard you just because of a screw up!
"God tested Abraham's faith."

How does the word
make you feel?
Gen 22:1
What was Abraham's test in this chapter?
What did God ask him to do?
How do you think Abraham felt?
How would
More things to note:
"The next morning he got up early..."
Gen. 22:3
Abraham obeyed God's request
It took them 3 days to reach their destination.
Gen 22:4
"'Stay here with the donkey,' Abraham told the servants."
Why did he have them stay behind?
(What do you would've happened if they came along?)
Gen 22:5
"We will worship there, and then
will come back."
Gen 22: 5
Why did he say that?
Think of God's promise to him.
Considering the promise to Abraham, how logical does God's request sound?
There will be times in your life when obedience will not make sense...
prepared to obey God even in these cases?
The Commitment Of Obedience
Climb up Mount Moriah
Build the altar
Arrange the wood
Bind his son
Lay him on the altar
Take the knife and slay him
Now we see Abraham's full procedure....
He had to:
22: 9-12
Now what about Issac?
What did he ask Abraham in verse 7?
Issac noticed something strange...
What was Abraham's reply?
"Abraham! Abraham!"
22: 11
Who was called him?
What did they tell him?
What was used in his son's place?
The blessing of obedience
God blesses us by providing the things which He demands of us.
God blesses us by providing assurance of His promises (22:15-19).
God blesses us by providing for our future needs (22:20-24).
Abraham's brother, Nahor, became the father of 12 sons.
One was named Betheul, the father of Issac's future wife, Rebekah.
He gives Abraham a ram in Issac's stead. He eventually gives us Jesus Christ as well.
Let's learn about Sarah...
How old was she when she died? (Gen. 23)
How did she live her life? (Isiah 51: 1-2) (1 Peter 3: 3-6)
Abraham mourned.
Where did she die? (Gen. 23)
Genesis 23:2 is the first record of a man’s tears in the Bible!
Lot left him (13:5-12).
He had to send Ishmael away (21:9-14).
He had to offer Isaac (22:1-10).
Abraham had a lot of tough times...
But the only time the Scriptures reveal that he wept was when Sarah died. This shows the amount of love he had for this woman.
Traditional Jewish Mourning Practices during that time...
Tore his clothing
Cut his beard
Spread dust on his head
Other things that would take too long to list.
During his mourning period that typically took at least seven days , Abraham would've
What did she look like? (Genesis 12: 10 - 15)
"Please sell me a piece of land"
Describe the negotiations in this chapter.
Such negotiations were part of custom during that time
The sellers might offer to give the property to the buyer until buyer insists on paying.
This is seen in Ephron and Abraham's interactions.
Notice Abraham's interactions with the people.
How does he act?
How should we, as Christians, act when interacting with others?
"They who, under the sanction of religion, trample under foot the decent forms of civil respect, supposing that because they are religious, they have a right to be rude, totally mistake the spirit of Christianity" (Clarke).
Now it is time to find Issac a wife.
Where did Abraham send his servant to find a wife for Isaac? (1-4, 10)
What sign did Abraham’s servant ask of the Lord so that he would know which young woman should be Isaac’s wife? (12-14)
What young woman did exactly as Abraham’s servant prayed? (15-19)
How was Rebekah related to Abraham? (24, 11:27)
Who invited Abraham’s servant to stay at his house? (29-31)
Questions cont:
Why did Abraham’s servant refuse to eat at first? (33)
What caused Abraham’s servant to worship? (26,48,52)
How did Rebekah reply when asked if she would go with Abraham’s servant? (58)
How did Rebekah reply when asked if she would go with Abraham’s servant? (58)
Things to reflect on:
What do you think of parents arranging marriages for their children?
How is Rebekah a type of the Bride of Christ?
How can one be a “camels also” Christian?
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