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Sochi city

No description

joshua flanigan

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Sochi city

Sochi city and caucaus mountins

About Sochi
By: Joshua, Bryce,Angelo
The End
A double decker fast train serves Moscow and Sochi. It takes only one day to travel between Moscow and Sochi.
Fun Facts
Near sochi, this moutain strechs aross southern Russia
Caucasus moutain
In 2018, the FIFA [soccer] world cup will be held here in sochi
Fun facts
In 2010, 5 moutain climers fell and die, making peolpe scared to climb this mountain

sochi is located in krasnodar,krai
sochi is on the coast of the black sea
and its between Georgia/Abkhazia
In 2010, it had 343,334 people making it the largest resort city.
Sochi has subtropical weather
Almost 3kg of pure gold was used in the 2014 olympics
Sochi national park has a persian leopard breeding center
Sept. 20 2002, an avalanche of rocks killed 140 people
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