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Effects of excessive video gaming

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Brendan Murphy

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Effects of excessive video gaming

the Negitive
The Effects of excessive
video gaming. Facts! increased violent behaviors. insomnia. loss of brain cells. social isolation. dehydration. Depression. 97 percent of teens play video games on a daily basis. In many violent video games (VVG), players must become more violent to win.
In "1st person" VVGs the player may be affected because they control the character
and experience the action through the eyes of the character. The U.S video game market
reached over 2.1 Billion in
sales in 2008! 8.5 percent of video game players
ages 8-18 exhibited pathalogical
patterns of play as defined by
exhibiting at least 6 out of 11
symptoms of damage to family,
social, school or psycological
functioning. pen you eyes There is a real world Adolescents who play more than 1
hour of video games have more
intense symptoms of ADHD. Young Men randomly assigned to play grand theft auto showed greater increases in diastolic blood pressure from a baseline rest period to game play.

a greater negitive affect, the subjects exhibited more permissive attitudes towards using alcohol and marijuana, and more uncooperative behaviour. some of the reasons that
people play video games:

it's fun
like to feel in control
releases tension
relieves boredom
feel a sense of mastery Most video games portray women
as objects/ weaker characters
and apply the use of drugs/
alcohol resulting in the millions
of younger players developing
habits and the mindset that its
alright to treat women like that
and abuse drugs.
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