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No description

Austin Lang

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of Divergent


In the beginning of the Novel, Beatrice was in the faction Abnegation. When she turned sixteen it was time for her to have a choosing Ceremony. At the choosing ceremony she choose Dauntless.
Phase 1 training
At phase one training Trice was very weak. Everyone called her a stiff. Trice and Four started liking each other
Phase 2 training
Trice got beefed up a lot and is now placing higher in the ranks and Trice and Four are starting to really like each other. Trice also got tattoos.
Phase 3 training
At phase 3 training Trice is fully changed she is way stronger and is in love with Four she ranks first in Dauntless.

After phase 3 training
After phase three training Trice is really scared, All her friends are being mind controlled by Jeanine. Trice finds out that Four is Divergent and Jeanine founds out that Trice and Four are Divergent.
Dauntless initiation
When Beatrice got to the Dauntless compound she had to jump off a building. when she landed Eric helped her out of the net, "whats your name stiff?" asked Eric. Beatrice said "Beatrice." Eric asked if she wanted to change her name, and she changed it to Trice.
Divergent Character map
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