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Alternative Resource.

No description

Hunter Bob

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Alternative Resource.

Hydro is another word for water. My alternative resource that I have picked is hydro power. Hydro electricity use the force of water to generate power. I know everone is thinking how could you make electric out of water, with this presintaion i will show you.
Hydro Electricity
Alternative Resource.
A turbine is a piece of equipment that spins like a windmill just under water. Another way to explain it is think of a water mill the big wheel looking think that you could see in movies. It is usually in a big stream and as the water flows the water pushes the mill around and around.
How a hydro powered electricity generator works is with your turbine once it is in the water the constant flow of water will cause the turbine to spin faster and faster and it will generate the energy that it needs.
How is works
On this section of my presentation i will tell you how long hydro power has been around for example the date ,how many and ever where.
History and facts.
The first water mill was created in Canada in 1882 but this water mill was for drawing in fish and allowing the river to flow frequently and as time went on the water mill turned into metal to help the spin go faster but some place just had a differnt kind of wood by the 1900 there where over 100 power plant in the U.S and Canada by 1980 the started to expand all over the nation and ever went to differnt countries. Now in 2014 we have over 100 all over the earth.
The time line of hydro power
>It runs on natural resources.

>It can genarate over 10% of the U.S energy

>It is usuable in any areas that have a near and big water source.
Three advantages
>It can make the area that this product is in dangerous.

>It can kill any animal that gets caught in the blades.

>It can cost up to 4000$ dollars(nooutage.com)
Three Disadvantages
Turbine Types
There are alot of different types of turbines to fit the needs of the river here are some pictures of different types of turbines
The picture shown above is a picture of an older water mill
Today in 2014 this is what our water turbines look like now.
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