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High school

No description

Mabel Livingston

on 6 February 2017

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Transcript of High school

Police Academy
Colleges and degrees
Working on my second master's degree through SNHU solely online.
The toughest degree I have attempted thus far

graduated first in my class with honors

received my Municipal Police Training number (MPT) which follows me for life

unable to serve as a juror, as well as providing me with a few other perks

goal was to become a police/paramedic
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Radio live radio show in Pennsylvania WZGO & TAN Talk in Clearwater WTAN

Preschool Teacher at a Montessori school in Daytona Beach
Paraprofessional at McKeel Academy

English teacher 6-12 grades at
Cambria County Christian, Sonrise Christian, Boone Middle, Bartow Middle, Mulberry High & Adjunct Professor at Polk State College
Still deciding on pursuing my doctorate
University of Pittsburgh
High school
Greater Johnstown Career and Vocational School
Graduated 1981
AFROTC, Health Related Technology
Working on my second published book
Shared a Photo
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plan on epublishing and having it available sometime in the summer of 2017

AA in liberal arts
BA in Education & MAEd
MA in English with fiction writing
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