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Love Your Sister, Love Your Self

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Raisa Lefe' Henry-Rouse

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Love Your Sister, Love Your Self

Creating the Foundation for Positive
Self-Esteem and Communal Reconnection through a Cultural Arts Based Program for Adolescent Girls In Baltimore City: 15.5 percent of families live below the poverty line; of that percentage, 22, 745 of those are families with a median household of $26,202 in an average household size of three people

The population in Baltimore City averages about 637,418 and 63.4 % are African American, estimating about 405,116 people

Of the African American population, 227,875 are female which charts them as the most populated gender in this community Several of the girls have experienced:
Families that have extensive histories of drug abuse
neighborhoods inundated with violence
sexual abuse
enormous pressures from peers and in their environment WHO RUNS THE WORLD? GIRLS! SHE NEEDS YOU. HELP HER DISCOVER HER "MOST AMAZING SELF." OUR GIRLS ARE IN NEED. PROGRAM ACTIVIES: Retreat Mother/Daughter Tea Community service Forums Journaling Workshops Improved Peer and Family Relationships Blossoming Self-Esteem Knowledge and Appreciation for her culture Love for herself, her community and her sister friends Girl Scouts of America Girls, Inc. Girls on the Run Some Models We Admire....
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