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CAS Functional Area Presentation

Center for Multicultural Affairs, University of Colorado

Maria Spoon

on 11 April 2017

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Transcript of CAS Functional Area Presentation

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr
Multicultural Student Programs and Services
Maria Spoon

CAS Functional Area:
Center for Multicultural Affairs
Office of Diversity, Equity, and Community Engagement (ODECE)
Student Outreach Retention Center for Equity (SORCE)
Dennis Small Cultural Center
CU LEAD Alliance - 12 academic programs
Interactive Theater Project
Office of International Education
Pre-Collegiate Programs
Multicultural Student Services - 18 Unions/Associations/Councils
Diverse Student Organizations - 49 groups
Multicultural Student Programs and Services at the University of Colorado Boulder
Upholding the culture of achievement.
Fostering individual expression and exchange of diverse thought.
Bridging individuals with communities to promote collaborative relationships.
Creating and inclusive environment through community engagement where individuals can explore their differences and commonalities.
Assisting in the development of a multicultural and socially responsible campus that is prepared to lead in the 21st century.
Center for Multicultural Affairs
Our Mission
CMA empowers individual success through support, affirmation, challenge, and advocacy. We do this by:
Background - Federal programs and increased access for underrepresented students.

Role - student success, retention and degree completion.
Multicultural Student Programs and Services
One Interim Director
Four Student Services Professionals
One Graduate Student
Five Undergraduate Students
Staffing and Budget at CMA
General Fund Budget of $505,000
$402,000 Staffing
$103,000 Programming and Operations
Peer Mentor Program
Multicultural Graduate Student Support Services
First Generation Scholars Program
Diversity Awareness Program
White Ally Program
Programs and Services at CMA
Cultural Competence

ACPA/NASPA Competency Areas:
Advising & Helping
Assessment, Evaluation and Research

Leadership Skills:
Relevant Professional Competencies and Leadership Skills
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