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The History of Bronies

No description

Josh Gentry

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of The History of Bronies

Start of the Fandom
The "Mane" six
The series my little pony friendship is magic was based on the main six characters.
-twilight sparkle
-rainbow dash
-pinkie pie
-apple jack
Every year a convention is setup for bronies all over the united states to come to the east cost to meet other bronies. Baltimore convention center hosted the 2013 bronycon which had more than 8000
people attending it.

Famous Bronies
Some bronies get famous on youtube like the living tombstone, the wooden toaster, and mic da microphone, BronyDanceParty, and H8_ seed. The reason they became famous was they all make music.

The History of Bronies
My Favorite Pony

My favorite pony is vinyl scratch which she is a DJ pony. She has a light blue and dark blue main same with her tail.
The brony fandom started when my little pony friendship is magic came out in 2010.

By: Josh Gentry

Nightmare moon
King Sombra
Queen chrysalis
The Living Tombstone
Mic Da Microphone
Wooden Toaster
The alicrons

Princess Luna
A alicorn is a unicorn and pegasas combined. Most the time they are royal.
Princess Celestia

Princess Cadance

Princess Twilght Sparkle
Backround characters!
Big Macintosh
Derpy Hooves

Dr. Hooves

Vinyl Scratch

Sweetie Belle

Apple Bloom

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