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Is Canada the Greatest Country?

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Saniya Ali

on 18 January 2014

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Transcript of Is Canada the Greatest Country?

Canada, is it the Best Place to Immigrate?
You might wonder, is Canada as great as people make it out to be? The answer is yes! Canada is actually very unique, and there are many positive factors about this country. Our multiculturalism, and great variety of land types attracts people to our country, and gives them more choices and freedoms. Not only that, but Canada also promote equality for everyone, and helps out immigrants with life problems. In this prezi, I will further explain to you why I am positive Canada is the greatest country of settlement.
Great Immigration and Populations, Wonderful Plans and Security
Canada's policy of immigration
Canada is entitled to treat immigrants fairly and show respect and equality. Their policy states that we show fair agreement towards everyone. But, before immigrants cross the border, security must ensure they pass the Immigration Point System. This point system ensures that you are eligible to settle here, and also ensures that our community is safe and secure for the rest of the population. To pass this test, you must get total minimum of 67 points (if you are and independent immigrant) to become a federal skilled worker. This of which consist of:
Education = 25 points maximum
First Official Language = 16 points maximum
Second Official Language = 8 points maximum
Work Experience = 21 points maximum
Age(limit age 21-49 years) = 10 points maximum
Arranged Employment in Canada = 10 points maximum
Adaptability = 10 points maximum
However, if you have a spouse, one must be the principal applicant which will take the test.

Canadian Immigration Plans
Having troubles while in Canada? We have many plans to help you! These immigration plans are another reason why Canada is a great country. Based on how well your job is, Canada can support you through your troubles. Some plans would be:
Employment insurance - This is used to provide benefits if you have lost your job, with no faults. It gives you more options for jobs and helps improve your working skills.
Canada Pension Plan - Used when you are retired, disabled, or deceased, and provides benefits, if you have made contributions. It gives monthly amounts of money to you, or your family (depending on condition)
Student loans - Helps you pay for expensive tuition fees, school supplies, living expenses, etc.
Veterans - get increased benefits.
As Canadians we believe that all people are welcome into this land as immigrants. You could be a family immigrant sponsored by family members, a refugee who was threatened out of their country, or you could simply be an independent immigrant, who is a skilled worker. Either way, we accept all, because we want to ensure that there is peace in this country, as well as togetherness, security, while making sure to build our economy.

This started out in 1971, when the Multiculturalism Policy was confirmed with the rights of aboriginals (owning land), and with our two official languages; French and English. The aboriginals had many treaties signed before this, such as Oka, Indian Act, Ipperwash etc. but this policy confirmed these decisions and now we cannot disapprove of the aboriginals' choices of their land and other traditions. This policy also ensures all citizens are free to keep their culture and express it. There is also freedom of speech, opinion, and equality, so no one can judge you. It also allows foreign borns to have naturalization, so you can be certified a canadian with no catches. It also helps our community and government because with the many languages, we can speak and participate globally in education, trade and diplomacy!
Now you might think, hearing all these great facts about Canada, it must have a very high population. In fact, it does not, our population is actually lower than the state of California! This means our country has more land to produce crops and goods using agriculture. Our country is considered "low stationary" which means our death rate is very low (people can live for 80 years), but so is our birth rate. This is because of our great health care, more job opportunities and improving status of women. On average, our fertility rate is now only 2 children per family for women aged 15-49! This makes our natural increase rate very low to about 0.6% increase. Our births are slowly decreasing so there is a chance in the future for the births and deaths to be equal.
Our population isn't always growing from births, but also our immigrants. Now as you can imagine we DO have more immigrants than our emigrants, in fact about 3 times more. Our average amount of immigrants per year is about 7000, while our emigration is only 2000 people. This makes the difference about 5000 people each year! This is 0.5% increase.
If we add up the total, Canada is only growing 1.1% per year! There is also a likely hood that the birth rates may decrease because of more women being independent. Also, our birth rates have decreased overtime in the past, so it is like to decrease even more as our country is being more urbanized. So overall, there is no worries for overpopulation, and this is another positive factor to consider settlement here.
This Graph shows how we have decreased our births since the past. Now our births are heading down with the replacement rates.
Wonderful landscapes and Environment
Canada is a great a great place, not just because of easy and helpful immigration, but also our many varieties of land. If you enjoy more rural areas, or an area with more farming resources, it is likely you'll find this type of land in other Canadian regions with less CMA's. Though if you enjoy the urban environment, you can live in more popular areas such as in the St. Lawrence Lowlands! With these different regions, there are different types of soil, climate, and overall environments you may choose from to fit your needs.
Linear Population & Peripheral - This order of settlement is when citizens homes are located around a river or a large body of water. This location may provide you with resources like water, and transportation. This is great location to start agriculture! These types of settlement may include long narrow lots for farming so all people may get water sources.
Scattered or Dispensed - Settlement is very spread our and rural. There are no known sources of water, but may have other critical factors. Land is divided in sections for equal parts of farming.
Clustered - Very urban area, with homes very close together. You cannot start farming because of limited resources. Great for transportation because of Concession system and many roads. Also provide equal settlement parts.
Breathtaking Landscapes
We have a great amount of varieties of land in our country, and some land in Canada is more fitted for agricultural needs. Farming and fishery is encouraged to be used in these land areas because of the small amount of people, and great soil. This provides great opportunities for citizens to start a farming career or other possibilities. Places with great soil are surrounded with wonderful climatic needs, such as high rainfall and winds occurring from the land elevations and shapes, moisture in the air from nearby water, and the amount of human impact from pollution and population issues. This rural land is not only good for agriculture but also includes other activities that are nice for settlement.
There are also other lands, like in the prairies, that don't fit farming environment, but still have many positive factors, such as hiking, sight seeing and other activities. Some others would be the peaceful land, the beautiful atmosphere, great scenery, you can start a family because of the great atmosphere!
These landscapes also provide you with great resources.
an example of a rural area may be...
West Coast forests
These types of forests are located in the Western parts of Canada (Western cordillera). They are located along British Columbia's edge to the pacific ocean. This area has great leech like vegetation, high rainfall, and great climates, which come from the high mountains found and relief. There are also, close oceans currents and near to water bodies thatprovide moist and warm air.
Our Popular Urban Cities
Not only do we have amazing rural agricultural areas, but we have many CMA's and incredible urban attractions as well. We are considered an highly developed country, because of our care for immigrants because of our jobs, education, health care and many more factors. In most of our urban cities, our land is used for resident settlement, so there are many homes on the market in these areas. The Urban expansion and development is a very positive factor on Canada because we like to use that privilege to update our country and make it better.
With urban expansion we have many job opportunities to discover. For instance, if you find some manufacturing cities, like in Ontario you are most likely to find a high paid job working in a qualified factory! These factories give you a median wage of $25,000!
Transportation based cities, which use their land for transporting goods and people, have easy access to powerful public transportation and provides you with more job opportunities in public transport, for those citizens who cannot find an educated job. To make things better for our transportation, The Motorola company has updated some of our public services by adding Wi-Fi networks to further improve our comfortableness and convenience while riding public services.
Another great part about our cities is also our malls, famous skyscrapers and landmarks which are all very interesting to see, and you can find more in our other tourist cities across Canada. Some examples might be Ontario's incredible CN tower or maybe Quebec's Chateau Frontinac, one of the best high quality hotels in the world!
What also affects population is that depending on land, the resources, transportation and the government input, there are different types of population patterns:
Our Healthy Environment and Physical Factors Affecting it Positively
Our environment is very healthy in some places in regards to agriculture, farming and our forests. But how does these environments get so healthy and versatile? As I explained before it is all about climates and physical landscapes of our country. In Canada, we have mountains, hills, flat lands, and some highly populated areas, but this is key to influence every region of our land , because it gives us more variety of weather conditions, different forests, and different species of animals living in those different territories. It also gives many humans a chance to chose what environment best suits them. Let me explain the different aspects of these physical landscapes and what they do to affect our climate:
Mountains/Large Hills - They create relief causing rainfall. The high altitudes have cold temperatures. This attracts bears, elk and many species of birds to be interested in this type of area. Many tall trees grow here, and there are 50 types of native trees!
Bodies of water - Create moist air, and different air currents that have high or low temperatures, which affects temperature of land. Water may also cause seasons to differ. Attracts animals like geese, toads, and other animals that look for moist areas. Many different types of plants can grow.
Latitude - When we are closer to the equator, more sunlight will be directed at us and will cause warmer climates.
This is a picture of British Columbia's high elevated mountains
Here is a picture of mossy trees in BC, as you can see they are very tall and look very healthy and long living.
What We Do to Ensure a Fresh Environment
Canada also tries their best to keep our country less polluted and more environmentally friendly by introducing new methods to create a solution to this growing problem. The first method is get more cars with efficient gas tanks, so less is distributed into the air. To convince people, we have made the prices and taxes of gas higher. Even if the residents do frequently use gasoline fuel, it will go to the government and we can use that money for later uses, like improving our free health care, education system etc. Another method was created in Halifax and Toronto, and it is to pick up curb-side waste and instead of putting it to waste, we compost it to further add minerals to our soil. We are trying to influence the rest of the country to do this resourceful method. We also use alternative energy sources like wind and solar energy, which cause less air toxins. In fact, the Canadian government has invested 1.5 billion dollars to expand! As well, we promote recycling and re-using in schools by using scrap paper to write side notes, calculations, etc.
Awesome Urban Settlement Areas and Job Opportunities To Consider
What Makes Our Urban Cities Suitable for Immigrants?
The urban cities in Canada help many immigrants here with confused minds about jobs, traffic and acceptance. It provides endless possibilities for employment. First off, Our urban cities are nice in case you are a business type of worker, because our CMA's have many people and different populations to cater to. Further more, people can apply to these many businesses and get a good paying career. If you are unemployed or unskilled worker, it is easy to find jobs which give you a high salary. In the transportation sectors of the city, where all you would need is a drivers license! You could also have many more possibilities like working for retail, purchasing agents, and except whole sale, which gives you a median annual wage of $56,000 dollars, and work experience is not needed! As well, urban cities provide a great amount of helpfulness to people in need. For instance, we have retirement homes, hospitals, police etc. and these types of services are good for convenience and emergencies.
Useful Resources, Manufacturing, and Trading!
Our Wealthy Industries, Imports and Exports
In Canada, our industries produce many useful resources, which is used to be exported to gain benefit to use in the future. Our major exports come from the primary industry, because of our amazing raw materials, and lumber. We also trade off fish and mining resources internationally for people in need of them. Canada is also strong in the secondary industry because we construct car parts, which is our number one best exports, bringing 100 billion dollars on 2012! Not only that but these car parts and other goods keep our industry recovered from declines in growth! We also import globally by trading goods with fruit, vegetables, oil, and natural we cannot create here because of our land conditions.
The locations of our industries really depends on various reasons with the land and availability to needed sources. The first and most vital location factor is location of raw materials or markets. Many primary industries need raw materials extracted from our land, so it is very important for there to be close supply of that material, so we do not have to spend extra money on transport. Also, we must do the same with nearby markets for the secondary manufacturing industries, and try to locate nearby markets. This is great, because Canada has many locations to support these needs! Eg. Fisheries located all across Canada, from BC to New Newfoundland.
Transportation methods are also needed to transport raw goods, or manufactured materials to make sure our products get exported on time. We have many locations in Canada to support these needs, which include the more urban areas that have highways and easy accessibility.
Another needed factor of industry location is availability of water and power. Our factories need a whole lot of power to activate their many machines. Canada supports many of those needs because we have a lot of cities located close to sources of water along the edges of Canada, and we have introduced many different energy efficient methods to get power for factories.
Labour supply is also vital to get cheap, inexpensive machines and workers. This is crucial to get profit in industries, though this may sound very unfair.
This last one is about political factors, to promote and improve business to attract companies. Our country uses this factor wisely, because when our government gets taxes we try our best to improve the businesses' status
What do We Do With the Money?
When we get all this profit and surplus, the businesses keep the money to further improve and build their business. The government, however gets extra taxes to use on other needs. We use this tax money for improving our country, to ensure we keep a great and reliable environment and community for everyone. this includes upping up our education status, health care systems, and improving cities with difficulties (potholes covered).
Reliable Resources, and How We Maintain Them
In Canada our natural and reliable resources come extracted from our land. But, we must have a good way to manage these resources and sustain them for future generations. Canada is promoting great intentions to maintain our resources and improve our environment. Something the government had addressed, was to improve our air quality and understand our climate changes, our water quality, and availability, our protection to nature, and shrinking our eco footprint. Lately, Canada has been getting warmer, and that is due to pollution, and our water is containing contaminants which are harmful to us, and the environment. To help relieve this cause we have made a decision to set goals for the future. These goals include:
Meet the SMART (Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) Criteria
Take a view of of land in the future
Make sure you are getting stats from researchers and baselines
Reflect about about precaution
Canada's government is very responsible with its choices towards the environment and we are planning to improve that.
Places for our Tourists to Visit!
CN Tower
Chateau Frontinac
Canada's Wonderland
Transport Methods!
This is an example of a transport city
As you can see there are many roads and buildings to ship items.
This is a Great job in the retail industry!
These would be convenient places for emergencies, and care
Retirement home
Trillium hospital, located in the very popular city of Mississauga
In this chart you can see that the businesses in Canada are starting to out grow the U.S!
Here are some bodies of water in Canada that alter our climate.
These are examples of high mountains that affect our climate. You can see there is snow located at the top, because of the cool climates higher up. There are also vast and healthy trees because of the rainfall.
You can see from this chart, how much our automotive sales in manufacturing has grown, from $60 billion in 1992 to $100 billion in 2012!
These are some transport methods for industries
As you can see there is a factory behind this ship, so industry can have easy access to transport!
This ship is located on a road, which is very convenient
This is a problem Canada is facing towards air quality

In this map, you can see that there are many orange and red spaces, which is not good and we must try to make them green or white.
Overall, I hope you have learned a lot of positive and mind changing facts about Canada. Maybe I have convinced you that Canada IS a very great country, despite the minimal problems. Canada is amazing towards it's immigrants, environment, land, and trading. Thank you!
Linear & peripheral
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