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MSc ANI Testimonials

No description

Adam Liston

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of MSc ANI Testimonials

Tara Noone
Biomedical Engineer
“I have really enjoyed my time on the Advanced Neuroimaging MSc. Being a Part-Time student allowed me to carry on working whilst investing in my future career. The balance between the theory of the various imaging techniques and the clinical applications was excellent, and the quality of the lecturers made even complicated topics accessible.” Hemen Salih
Radiology Resident (Senior House Officer)
“It is a great course. The clinical modules cover the main neuroradiology material and you will also understand the imaging physics which is essential for every radiologist. Also to mention, the course is delivered by experienced lecturers and do not forget that you will be studying at UCL, one of the best UK universities.” Abrar Hlwani
Diagnostic Radiographer
"In life there is always something wonderfully new to be found, and the MSc Advanced Neuroimaging course was one of those things. It makes me happy when I get lots of amazed looks when I tell people about what I am studying; the course is indeed worth it, as the result is life changing!" Chieh-Eh Tseng
Biomedical Imaging & Radiological Science
"It was very exciting to put what we've learned into practice through the research project and be able to work on world-leading research." Chisom Anaduaka
Medical Officer
“The ANI course has helped me better appreciate the complexities in Neurology and introduced me to the amazing possibilities inherent in Radiology while trying to understand the physics behind the various modalities from world class experts. I've also learnt to use software  which I had never even heard about before. Its been a great experience!” “...I now know my contrast agents from my echo sequences and my rare orbital tumours from my spinal meningiomas. For my research project,  I had the opportunity to work in some of the most top-notch research facilities in the world and complete a report that has been presented at a National conference. Thanks UCL for making this all possible!” “The MSc. programme helped me a lot on attaining this ideal position [First year resident Peking University Shenzhen Hospital]. First of all, it taught me a lot practical knowledge on both technological and clinical aspects in the field of neuroimaging. Secondly, although my English still needs to be improved, the 1-year experience studying in London seems like a pretty big advantage when I was hunting a position,  as more and more employers in China nowadays are thinking highly of English ability, especially in the field of medicine.” “The course has been a fantastic learning experience providing understanding as well as a range of skills that allows one to quantitatively identify neuropathology and neural function  from  near microscopic level to  macroscopic and structural levels.  The  workshops... cemented practical skills whilst the emphasis on physics  is a particular strength  that informs the clinical utility of various imaging modalities...    It is of invaluable benefit in elaborating the scope and depth of my clinical practise in relation to both assessment and rehabilitation...” Biomedical Engineer Radiology Resident
(Senior House Officer) Diagnostic
Radiographer Biomedical Imaging
&Radiological Science Medical Officer Consultant Neuropsychologist Neuroscientist Clinician TESTIMONIALS Our students have come from a variety of backgrounds... Clinicians (general, radiology, neurosurgery...) ...and proceeded to a variety of positions including... PhD student @
UCL Institute of Neurology (IoN)
UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (ICN) UCL Institute of Child Health (ICH)
Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) University of Manchester
CRUK Radiology Research Fellow @ UCLH
Consultant Neurologist
Neuroradiologist... Radiographers Biomedical Engineers Computer Games Developers (Medical / Bio-) Physicists Neuroscientists Psychologists... This is what a few of them have to say about the MSc in Advanced Neuroimaging... And some other testimonials about studying the MSc in Advanced Neuroimaging at Queen Square... What will you say... Photography by David Blundred
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