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Causes of the 1911 Revolution

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Zhen Yi Cheah

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Causes of the 1911 Revolution

Long-term causes Final Fuel Sun Yat Sen's Contributions However, Results Events that sparked the Revolution The Wuchang Uprising:
The accidental explosion of a bomb at revolutionary HQ in Wuhan 'forced' revolutionaries into taking action.
Began to take over Wuhan for fear of being arrested. - What were the causes of the 1911 Revolution? -Raised money from Chinese living overseas to fund the revolution.
-Founded the Tong Menghui to coordinate revolutionary groups for the final strike
-Provided a 'philosophy' for the revolution--his Three People's Principles and gave the revolutionaries something to fight for.
-Garnered the support of the UK and US governments. -Sun was not physically present for most of the revolution.
-His Three People's Principles were vague and were not a concrete plan with which to carry out the revolution.
-There were lots of other long and short-term factors that would probably have lead to revolution anyway. The Qing Dynasty was overthrown, not through violence but through a general consensus of the provinces to cease recognition of the Dynasty

Sun Yat Sen was appointed Provisional President of China, despite the fact that he was not physically present for the duration of the revolution. Cheah Zhen Yi+Marissa Chua Dynastic Change Political Causes The Self-Strengthening Movement (1861)

The Qing Reforms (1905)
-An 'attempt' to strengthen China (on the face of it) with covert pro-Manchu and anti-Chinese policies
-Encouraged the abolition of the eight-legged essay

China was also ruled by a minority group, the Manchus. Empress Dowager Cixi died in the same year she implemented her Qing Reforms
She appointed Pu Yi (a child) as the new Emperor, and father, Prince Chun, as Prince Regent. Sun Yat Sen The Boxer Rebellion, 1899-1901:
The government's defeat convinced the Chinese that change had to be made.
More revolutionary societies were formed
It also allowed Sun Yat Sen to gain a lot of support.

The Railway Issue, 1911:
increased anti-government feelings
Provided revolutionaries with an opportunity to seize Wuhan. -After studying in Honolulu, Sun noticed a contrast between China's poverty and Honolulu's prosperity.

-He realized the need for a strong sense of nationalism in China and for the formation of a democracy.

-Following a failed attempt at an uprising in Canton, 1894, Sun Yat Sen began to develop his philosophy of the "Three People's Principles". Thank You!

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