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Tidal Power

Exploring Alternative Energy Sources

Taleisha S-M

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Tidal Power

Laura Earnden & Taleisha Stec-Marksman
Warner How does Tidal Power generate Electricity? Renewable and Non-Renewable What are the Advantages of using Tidal Power? Tidal power is generated by underwater turbines, barrages or fence's placed in areas with high tidal movements. The tidal power than goes back to power factories and stored in waves power, than gets distributed to homes.

"Tidal power comes from the movement of tides." Tidal Power is a renewable energy source, meaning that it is an energy that derives from natural resources, making the energy unlimited. Whereas non-renewable energy is a limited energy source such as fossil fuels. The advantages of using Tidal Power are:
It reduces the dependance on fossil fuels
It is free, renewable and clean
It produces no gas/pollution
It is highly efficient
Tides are active 24/7, 365 days/year Tidal Power What are the disadvantages of using Tidal power? The disadvantages of using Tidal Power are:
It displaces wildlife habits
It can only be used where there is water, which means that if you live in a landlocked country you will not be able to use it
The tidal fence is expensive
The tides do not speed up or slow down by demand Applications Tidal Power was used in the middle ages to grind corn. This power was also used in tide mills on the Spanish, French and British coast line in 787 A.D. There are also other ways that it is used, the main reason it is used in this day and age is because it is a renewable, sustainable energy source that does not have a major negative affect on the environment. Where is Tidal Power Found? Tidal power is in fact used in Canada. Ontario's Tidal Power is found in Niagara Falls, and is used for mills, tanning and mining . It is also produced in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and along parts of British Columbia. The main location in Canada that tidal power is found would be the bay of Fundy between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Therefore stating that tidal power is only created where there is a body of water. The Power Produced Some People would be surprised by how much power the "tide" can actually produce. Tidal power can produce anywhere up to 60 billion watts!! Which is equivalent to 15, 4 watt LED lights...pretty amazing! The Cost of Tidal Power The cost to operate tidal power is quite expensive, most people say. The cost to maintain on the other hand is much cheaper. It is $15 billion to produce 8000 megawatts and $3 billion for 2200 megawatts, keeping in mind that 1 megawatt=1,000,000 watts. On the contrary the turbines only need to be changed every 30 years. Bibliography THANK YOU AND WE ARE HOPING THAT YOU ENJOYED LEARNING ABOUT TIDAL POWER! Tidal energy actually uses the sun and moon's gravitational forces, which influences the tide
Tidal energy is one of the oldest forms of energy.
The equipment that we use to create this energy is very similar to what we use in traditional hydro-electric power plants.
Tidal energy has an efficiency of 80%.
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