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Carbon cycle

No description

Alfred F. Jones

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Carbon cycle

Carbon cycle
How does Carbon get back to Earth?
Once Carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere, it gets diffused in the clouds and when it rains Carbon Dioxide gets dissolved in the ocean.
Dead animal, or plant decomposing
Fossil fuels
It takes millions of years for animals to decompose into fossil fuels. When humans burn fossil fuels they get released into the air, known as Carbon emissions.
Once Carbon is in the air it gets trapped in the atmosphere known as the greenhouse effect.
Once the CO dissolves it will begin a process called photosynthesis, and goes into the plants
The plants use the carbon to help make their food/energy.
What do you call a fish without an eye?
a fsh!!
The fish is a primary consumer and will eat the plant that contains the carbon.
What does the fox say?
nothing the fox is dead
Larger Fsh
The secondary consumer, it will eat the smaller fish (and steal it's carbon)
Will use the carbon from the dead animal and use it during sedimentation and convert it to fossil fuels.
Geological Time!!!
Will slowly uplift the carbon rich rocks to the surface and make it into a terrestrial rock.
the doctor will not!!
and carbon gets released into air once more
BAM!! Explosion!!!
The atmosphere takes the carbon from the volcano and it goes back into the plants
Plants will then take the carbon and use it help make more food/energy
all the carbon from the dead animal goes to the rocks and gets used in a process called sedimentation and is converted in fossil fuels
Geological Time!!!!
Plants again yay!!!
the plant stake the carbon and use it to help make food/energy
A terrestrial primary consumer that will gain the carbon form the plant....om nom nom
What does the Secondary consumer say?
This rabbit is delicious
What does the fox say?
nothing its dead.
take and burn the fossil fuels releasing them into the air.
Carbon Cycle
Carbon Cycle
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