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Melanie Ortega-Computer Components

No description

Yorba Student

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Melanie Ortega-Computer Components

The CPU is like essentially the eyes of the computer. It's the processor. The CPU sees and takes track of what you do on the computer.

The heat sink is a cooler for the CPU. It keeps the CPU cool so it doesn't overheats.
Random Access Memory
A hard drive that stores
your memory. Without
a hard drive, you couldn't be able to save anything on your electronic devices.
A port is often outside your computer. This is where you can plug in a cable. Like a flash drive, USB cable and ect.
A PSU is kinda like a heat sink, they both keep it from overheating. Without a PSU, the computer would not function.
If some computer were humans, the battery would be the heart of the computers. Some computers could work without the battery and some can't. Also the battery powers a chip called RTC (A.K.A Real Time Clock.
The Chassis is the the case or frame for the computer. The chassis is the housing that helps protects and organize the computer.
The disk drive allows the computer to read and write from a computer disk
The graphic support is capable of displaying and manipulating pictures.
This is the keyboard and mouse. These objects allow you to type and click on websites. We wouldn't be able to do anything without theses objects.
The monitor is the face of the computer.
Without the monitor, we wouldn't be able to see ANYTHING. We wouldn't be able to watch, see, or do anything without the monitor. This is one of the most important computer component.
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