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Big Data - An impression

Input for a brainstorm. ChangeVision September 2013

Jan Ruijgrok

on 6 April 2017

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Transcript of Big Data - An impression

A Triple-eee brainstorm at Huis De Werve Voorburg sept.2013
Big Data
What is it?
...All aspects of business and society...
Knowledge, education and employment
Agriculture and the Food chain
Emerging Markets
Sustainable Energy
The volume of data will continue to grow at an enormous pace. This growth of "big data” will effect us all in the way we are doing business and live our lifes. We will learn to extract value out of “big data” using strong algorithms, knowledge engeneering and visualisation instruments.
What will Change?
Hype or Revolution?
Through the availability of massive data about our behaviour and the usage of ICT-, complexity- and social sciences, societies will be more open and democratized. Analysis of behavioural change in itself will generate new and sudden changes.
Instant analysis of big data will improve personal health , prevention, medication and treatment. Global analysis will enable early warnings of epidemia and desasters. Look at the example of Dengue Trendanalysis by Google.
Governments will share open information and interoperate in public and private networks to disclose the benefits of big data. They will develope new policies on privacy.
Efficiency in the usages of sustainable energy sources will improve through inteligent algorithms based on behaviour, weather and evailability of resources.
Development in emerging markets will get a boost through big data. Telecommunication and clever analysis of big data will help in low cost healthcare, wealth and business development.
New agricultural technologies aimed at improving efficiency and yields in the fresh food system. Farmers are already testing soil sensors that help monitor moisture levels from their iPads 500 miles away.Analysis and algorithms will lower cost of food production and distribution.
Open knowledge sharing and networking will be key. New ways of education will lower cost and reach a broader population. New forms of education will be explored.
Big Data in itselve will generate employment, due to the need fot new analytical skills.
UK initiative http://www.biginnovationcentre.com/
UN initiative http://www.unglobalpulse.org/
EU initiative http://www.futurict.eu/
The coming years?
Big Data will have impact on the way products are designed, developed produced and distributed.
Through algoithms we will discover new research areas.
We will see !!
Will it all happen?

What are the pitfalls?
What about ethics and privacy?
What about protectionism?
But ...
In 2020 worldwide
50 Zettabyte
Worldwide Volume of Data grows exponentially
In 2010 worldwide
1.2 Zettabyte

In 2011
1,8 Zettabyte
(1 Zettabyte= Bytes)
Thank you ..
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