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Soundtrack of My Life

No description

April De La Cruz

on 13 April 2014

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Transcript of Soundtrack of My Life

Soundtrack of MY Life
10. Classic By: MKTO
I really love this song!
I sing along and dance to it every time I hear this song.
Its so catchy and just fun to listen to.
9. Creep By: Radiohead
When I hear this song it always reminds me of Jeff Gutt. Jeff was on The X Factor 1 year ago and sang this song for his audition and it was so amazing.
8. Burning up By: Jonas Brothers
When I was younger I was so in love with the Jonas Brothers. I also I had a big crush on Nick because I thought he was so cute. The Jonas Brothers is definitely one of my favorite boybands.
7.Lie To Me By: The Wanted
The first time I listened to this song it reminded me of 7th grade. When I found out that my crush didn't like me. I was like no it can't be true!
6. Crush By: David Archuleta
This song describes most of crushes. I think about them all the time just thinking you should be with me and blah,blah,blah. In the end it always turns out that it was just a crush.
5. Love Letter By: Heffron Drive
I got a "love letter" in the 7th grade and it said go out with me? Yes,no,maybe? My friend circled yes and the bell rang and I just ran to my next class. (I didn't go on a date with him)
4. It Can't Be True By: 13 The Musical Cast
This song is about a girl telling a lie to another girl and is saying you can't tell anyone. So she promises she won't tell anyone, she starts to tell lies to other people and it just keeps going on. This happened to me before so this is why I love it so much.
3. Make It Shine By: Victoria Justice
Victorious was my favorite t.v. show of all time and it still is. Once I found out the show was going to be canceled it just broke my heart.
2. The Fault In Our Stars By:Troye Sivan
1. Honeymoon Avenue By: Ariana Grande
Troye Sivan wrote a song about my favorite book of all time, The Fault In Our Stars, its so amazing! For him to write a song about my favorite book is so wonderful! And I can't describe how much I love this song its incredible.
I looked in my rear view mirror and
It seemed to make a lot more sense
Than what I see ahead of us, ahead of us, yeah.
I'm ready to make that turn
Before we both crash and burn
Cause that could be the death of us, the death of us, baby
I love this song so much!I really love the orchestra in the beginning, it sounds so beautiful!
When she refers to the rear view mirror she means she is looking and in past and it seemed so much easier then what she is facing today with her boyfriend saying she doesn't know if this is going to workout for them.
Before we both crash and burn is saying we have to figure this out or we might break up if we don't.
Let's just go back to the way it was
When we were on Honeymoon Avenue
Honeymoon Avenue
Baby, coasting like crazy
Can we get back to the way it was?
This is saying lets just go back to the honeymoon phrase. When we were so in love and we didn't have any problems.
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