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Nicoria Williams

on 18 July 2014

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Transcript of Math

Scatter plots
Independent & Dependent Variables
During these two weeks we've really enjoyed our time in math class. We've learned how to use valuable programs such as
Logger Pro
, and how to further use our new TI-84 calculators. We also learned how to connect scatter plots and logarithms to the real world through real-life data sets.
Math Class Experience
(Dr.Sims, NCSSM Faculty & Staff, Counselors, Cafeteria staff, SLI's, Teachers/Instructors, Parents)

A logarithm is the exponent to which the base must be raised to produce that number.
10^x = 1000

The linear regression/line of best fit is the line that best fits the correlation of the data set.
Linear Regression
Step Up To Stem 2014
By: Jalynn Borders
Nicoria Williams

Logarithms are used when you have a large variety of numbers in a graph. You can use the logarithm to make the scale of the graph closer together and the graph easier to read.
log(1/1000)= -3
log(1)= 0
log(100)= 2
log(10,000)= 4
log (100,000)= 5
log(1,000,000)= 6
A scatter plot is a graph of plotted points that compare two data sets
There are 3 types of correlations for scatterplots: positive, negative, and no correlation
No Correlation
The easiest way to find the most accurate line of best fit is to use the TI-84 calculator or the
Logger Pro
The independent variable also known as x is the value located on the horizontal axis. The independent variable is the input or causes.

The dependent variable or y is located on the vertical axis. The dependent variable is the output or effects.

y depends on x
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