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Hero's journey: Anthem and Finding Nemo

No description

Rosa Student

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Hero's journey: Anthem and Finding Nemo

Ordinary world
The ordinary world for Anthem is when he is in the Home of the Street Sweepers. "So we went into the Home of the Street Sweepers. It is a grey house on a narrow street. There is a sundial in its courtyard, by which the Council of the home can tell the hours of the day and when to ring the bell. When the bell rings, we all arise from our beds." Page 27
Anthem: There are a few. At the beginning of the book International 4-8818 then he somewhat fades off and Liberty 5-3000 fills in and becomes very important, yet Liberty 5-300 is the Goddess in the story as well. A huge Assistance is the Saint of the Pyre, the Saint of the Pyre is Equality's Mentor, because he gives him wisdom as he is being burned at the stake for speaking the Unspeakable word, this helps Equality through out the entire story.
One major trial was when Equality "discovers" Electricity and magnetism,"And when we put our wires to this box, when we closed the current-the wire glowed!" Page 59
Approach the Cave
Anthem: When Equality is on his way to the Council of Scholars to show them his precious glass box. "We are old now, yet young this morning,when we carried our glass box through the street of the city to the Home of the Scholars." Page 68
Call to Adventure
Anthem: Watching saint pyre get burned for speaking the unspeakable word,"But it seemed to us that the eyes of the Transgressor had chosen us...What-even if we have to burn for it like the saint of the pyre-what is the unspeakable word?"(Page 51) And when Equality finds the tunnel "Of a sudden the earth fell in before us, and we saw an old iron grill over a black hole...International 4-8818 stepped back. But we pulled at the grill and it gave way. and the we saw iron rings as steps leading down a shaft into a darkness with our bottom. Page 31

Hero's journey: anthem and Finding nemo
New Life
: Equality 7-2125 uses the word "WE" instead of the word "I".
: He thinks that he is cursed because he is smart or knowledgeable.
: By being different he worries and concerns others,"It is not good to be different then your brothers, but it is evil to be superior to them. The Teachers told us so, and they frowned when they looked upon us".page 21
: Equality 7-2125 is tall, "We are six feet tall, and this is a burden, for there are not many men who are six feet tall." Page 18
Marlin is ve protective of Nemo because Nemo's mother and siblings were eaten by sharks, and Marlin doesnt't want to lose Nemo like he lost his wife.
Anthem: The departure is when Equality 7-2125 is in the tunnel and makes it his own and when he steals the candles to brings to the tunnel.
Finding Nemo: When Marlin tells Dory to go away it shows that hethinks he can find Nemo on his own and doesn't need her. Or when Nemo is About to go with Darla, Darla is the shadow because all the fish shes ever had have died and Nemo doesn't want to be next.
Anthem: The crisis in Anthem is when the Council of Scholars rejects the glass box and Equality yells at them and runs all the way to the uncharted forest, " "This thing," they said, "must be destroyed." And the others cried as one: "It must be destroyed!" Then we leapt on to the table. We seized our box, we shoved them aside, and ran to the window. we turned and we looked at them for the last time,and a rage, such as it is not fit for humans to know, choked our voice in our throat. "you fools!" we cried "You fools! You thrice-damned fools!" "we swung our fist through the windowpane, and we leapt out in a ringing rain of glass. We fell, but we never let the box fall from our hands. Then we ran." Page 74 and 75
Anthem: The treasure is being free and away from society on his own in the uncharted forest, yet he's not alone the Golden One followed him and she said she loves him, so he gets the girl!
Equality 7-2125 is not exactly chased out but be chose to leave the world he knows for the uncharted forest he is rescued because he no longer has to pretend to be dumb or to lie he can be himself its just him and the Golden One. He stops using the word "WE" and uses the word "I".
Equality doesn't return to his old life he leaves it behind and stats a new life.
Equality and The Golden One walk through the uncharted forest for days and eventually have to climb a mountain and then on the top of the mountain is a house which they decide to make there home.
Equality gives himself and the Golden One new names, Prometheus and Gaea. They live on the top of the mountain in the uncharted forest. Gaea is pregnant with a son and they will teach him the ways of the Unmentionable times which Prometheus has read about in the books left in the house. "The sacred word:
EGO" Page 105
Anthem: The Golden and International 4-8818
Threshold Guardian:
Anthem: Saint of the Pyre
Finding Nemo: Dory
Anthem: Gaea/Golden One/Liberty 5-3000
Finding Nemo: Dory
Finding Nemo: Dory, The group of shiny fish, The two other sharks(not Bruce)
Anthem: The Council of Scholars
Finding Nemo: Darla
Anthem: Saint of the Pyre
Finding Nemo: Nemo and the
Scuba Diver
Anthem: The Coucil of Scholars
Finding Nemo: Scuba Diver
: Marlin is a clown fish which means he's orange with white stripes.
: Marlin is very protective of his son this makes Nemo we some freedom.
: Marlin thinks he's funny because he's a clown fish but his jokes don't make sense and are confusing
:Marlin follows the boat and searches far and wide for Nemo battling sharks and jellyfish doing things he never thought he could all for his son this shows his unconditional love for Nemo
Finding Nemo: The call to adventure is when Nemo gets picked up by the Scuba Diver and yells for help from Marlin. Marlin is about to swim out to save Nemo when another diver comes up and gets in his way and snaps a photo making Marlin dizzy and confused. When Marlin is okay again he follows the boats tracks.
Finding Nemo: Dory is the the main assistance on Marlins journey. Dory is also the Mentor and Goddess. The shiny fish help Marlin and Dory and they are also the shape shifter. The two sharks other then Bruce because they help Marlin and Dory escape Bruce during his rage
Finding Nemo: When Marlin starts to follow the boats tracks he is departing from his home were he feels safe and crosses into the open sea were he feels venerable and unsafe.
Finding Nemo: When they escape Bruce the shark that is a major test. They also meet there shape shifter, the fish with the light over it's mouth they thinkit's cute and will help them find something,but turns out it wants to eat them and attacks then yet they escape.
When Marlin thinks Nemo is dead because he saw him pretending to be dead, this makes Marlin give up and head home Dory tries to convice him to stay but it doesn't work and they go there seprate way.
Finding Nemo:The treasure is when Dory finds Nemo and helps him find his dad and they are reunited.
The result is that Marlin learns he can protect Nemo but not overprotcet him he can give Nemo some space to explore and be a kid.
Marlin, Nemo and Dory return to the reef they call home, but with a new understanding that the whole ocean isn't bad.
Marlin, Dory and Nemo return to the reef. Marlin lets Nemo finally go to school and they live there life much happier.
Marlin tells Nemo about all the things he saw, learned and went through. as well as all the different cretures he met on the way to save him.
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